Saturday, March 3, 2012

Guest post by Brynn Alexander: Lady Gaga Announces The Born This Way Ball with a Gothic Poster

Being at the forefront of the contemporary music scene, Lady Gaga certainly knows how to spread news fast in the era of social media. Rather than holding a press conference or a private interview, the 2012 Grammy performer released a ‘leak’ of her 2012-2013 tour details via Twitter.

Recently, followers of Lady Gaga’s Twitter account were treated to a first look at the official poster for the Born This Way Ball, which will start touring sometime later this year and run through into 2013. Gaga described the poster as “a bit of homework” that she “finished early and felt compelled to leak after too much wine.”

The poster displays an apocalyptic scene with the singer’s memorable visage materializing out of wisps of smoke and clouds. Below this image is a gothic castle structure, complete with a medieval tower to one side and a stone staircase climbing backwards. At the front of the stage is Gaga herself accompanied by four men in suits, all of whom are standing casually against the ominous backdrop. And below all of this: simply the words “Lady Gaga” and “The Born This Way Ball” in large block letters. The overall style of the poster is quite powerful, with elements of pink and turquoise neon cutting through the gothic monochrome that dominates the scene. Gaga has made strong efforts to set the tone for her new tour, even in this early stage of development. If the poster is to be any indication it will be as theatrical as fans have come to expect from the singer over the years.

As well as preserving the eccentric Gaga flourish that all of her fans are familiar with, it can be noted that this image is very different in style from any other work previously offered by Lady Gaga, including her previous live outing, The Monster Ball Tour. That tour, which ran from November 2009 to May 2011 in hundreds of sold out venues around the world, saw Gaga perform her best songs in a modern-day New York City backdrop, that the singer went to great lengths to ensure was authentic and unique (a subway car, lighted marquees, and giant monster all added to the show’s weirdness).

In the lead-up to the reveal of the new poster, Lady Gaga described the elaborate stage set. “I'm so excited. The Haus has been working so hard, we can't wait for you to see it!!' she teased, before adding, 'Love you Little Monsters, have the time of your life.” With this new poster, along with an accompanying sketch of her forthcoming tour stage, fans can begin to get excited for what’s to come on the tour. The only real question now is when fans can expect the first tour dates to be announced. Gaga herself put any rumors to bed, again in the form of a tweet: “Tomorrow at 11AM PST the first tour dates for THE BORN THIS WAY BALL will be released. I will also tweet the 1st official tour poster!”

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(Do you love that Gaga's co-star in "You & I"/current boyfriend is Taylor Kinney, who played werewolf Mason Lockwood on The Vampire Diaries? The song is actually about her ex, Luc Carl, but it's Kinney who gets to play Dr. Frankenstein here.)

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