Saturday, December 27, 2008

Spicy, Earthy, Sweet

Dig in to a delectable winter treat, as warm as a potato pancake on a frosty Hanukkah night!

Caught up in the magic of the Festival of Lights, Gabriella wants everything to be perfect for her holiday with Jared. Jared has very specific tastes-and a slight obsession with teasing the individual flavors out of the aromas of fine wines. Even the kosher wine he chooses for the first night of Hanukkah is subjected to his beloved wine aroma wheel.

But wine is not the only thing that can be tasted, analyzed, and savored. Gabriella and Jared discover new uses for Jared's favorite toy as the Hanukkah candles burn down...

Read "Spicy, Earthy, Sweet" by Erin O'Riordan at

Erin O'Riordan, despite what her Irish name may lead you to believe, is of mixed Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and Pagan descent. Following the philosophy of Joan Borysenko, she proudly embraces all of her diverse spiritual heritage. Her spiritual-sexual writings include the Pagan-ritual-inspired erotic novel Beltane, from Eternal Press. Visit her home page at .

UPDATE (January 2015): Find "Spicy, Earthy, Sweet" at my Etsy shop, Writer's Brain Has Wings.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Some of my most recent stories and articles

Anthologies: My short story "Oliver's Famous Clam Chowder" is featured in the Torquere Press anthology Love Bites, now out in paperback and e-book. (Yikes! There's an editing mistake in the print edition, with the same character called by 2 different names!)

Look for my story "Bringing Eddie His Lunch" in The Mammoth Book of Erotic Confessions, coming in May 2009 from Carroll and Graf.

My short story "Handsome and Regretful" appears in a chapbook from Down in the Dirt.

Can't decide what to read first? Check out my short fiction collection.

Stand-Alone Short Stories: My short story, "Iced," appears online at Lucrezia also published my review of a Jenna Jameson film in late August/early Sept.

Playgirl published my story "Going With the Flow" in the June issue. Oysters and Chocolate ( has published my review of the film Blue Magic and my short story "Cinnamon Honey Bear."

Contests: My story "Robo" received Honorable Mention in the fiction contest at I've recently entered my short story "The Hope" in a fiction contest at Oysters and Chocolate (look for details soon).

Coming up next: Bent magazine will publish my story "Bat Mitzvah," and Sinister Wisdom will publish one called "Soaked."

I've also written fiction and essays for webzines including Clean Sheets and The Shadow Sacrament. If you're over 18, see for details.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I Finished the First Draft of MIDSUMMER NIGHT

When my first novel, Beltane, was released by Eternal Press last month, I let all of my readers know that Beltane was going to be the first in the 12-part romance series I'm calling Pagan Spirits. Tonight, I've finally completed the first draft of the second novel in the series. I'm calling it Midsummer Night.

Now the real fun-editing-begins!

Midsummer Night continues the story of Zenobia "Zen" Van Zandt. When we last left her, she was falling in love with handsome graduate student Ramesh Sudra. She was also embarking on a new career as a midwife, incorporating her knowledge of Pagan and witchcraft tradition with Western medicine. The love between Zen and Ramesh will be tested, however, first by her year-long vow of celibacy, then by a undergraduate student who comes between them, and finally by Ramesh's tradition-minded family. Will their story be one of happily-ever-after, or only might-have-been?

Find Beltane at If you enjoy red-blooded romance and write reviews, I would sincerely appreciate some reviews of Beltane. You can read more of my writing, including links to many free stories, at (recommended for readers 18+ only).

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