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Release Blitz: 'Bridling His Vampire' by Suz deMello

Bridles and vampires? Bondage and discipline? YES YES YES! (@MFRW_ORG #vampires)

Bridling His Vampire is a short story in the bestselling Highland Vampire series from Ellora’s Cave.

The events in the story took place in 1766, between Desire in Tartan (1759) and Rakes in Tartan (1816). It’s better enjoyed in the context of the series; however, it’s written as a stand-alone.

What’s it about, you ask?

Edgar, Laird MacReiver, has never regretted his decision to wed Isobel, daughter of Clan Kilburn’s laird, until she bites his tongue and drinks his blood. Still, he's determined to bridle the wild child of the infamous vampire clan by any means necessary, including bondage and discipline.

But are some women impossible to tame? 

Bondage and discipline? So it must be sexy, right? SHOW ME.

Okay! Here’s an excerpt!

Edgar’s lips caressed hers and her mind emptied of everything except this new experience. Isobel wanted to remember everything about her first kiss: the strength of his arms, the warmth of his lips followed by the wetness of his tongue as it slid slyly into her mouth.
His flavor was distinctive, a spice like nothing she’d tasted before, a toothsome relish composed of spring water, mint and honey. The scent of the forest mingled with his aroma, a fragrance that melded good male sweat with an underlying freshness that reminded her of the summer sun glittering on the sea.
His hand trailed down her back to curve over her bottom. He squeezed, and the tingling heat of passion spread from his broad warm palm to encompass all of her. A purr rose in her throat. She slid her arms beneath his and held onto his shoulders from behind.
She pulled him in tight, wanting nothing but this kiss to go on and on forever. Life had become so simple. Their mouths touching, their hands exploring, their bodies pressed against each other were everything. Nothing else mattered.
She sucked on his tongue but still wanted more. She nipped and then, tasting a new flavor, licked the tip. Was it his blood? She didnae care. He was delicious.
She sucked harder. Yes, that was his blood seeping over her tongue from the tiny bite, and it was intoxicating… He was intoxicating. He groaned and his grip tightened. She became aware that his muscular body had hardened against hers.
That she’d taken his blood had stirred him. A bolt of pure lust snapped through her. He was aroused by her need and that, in turn, inflamed her. His maleness thrust blindly, seeking her warmth and heat. She pressed herself against him not only with desire but also with a sense of wonderment. She had not known how good he’d feel pressed against her.
His hands shifted, roamed, explored… He took her wrists and drew them down to the small of her back.
He pulled away but she couldn’t reach for him to bring him back. He gripped her shoulders and looked into her eyes with a peculiar intensity. His blond hair swung loose, and she realized what he’d done.
He’d bound her hands behind her back with his leather hair tie.
“What…why did ye do that?” She tried to tug her wrists apart, but he’d tethered them firmly.
“To stop you from running away from me.” His panting breaths stilled, became controlled. He was always so controlled. She hated that.
He wanted to control her, and she hated that even more. “I don’t run from ye. I’m not a’feared of ye!”
“Isobel, you’ve been running from me for five years.” He began to unbutton her blouse.
“What are ye doin? Me da will kill ye!”
“Oh, I don’t think so.” He slipped a hand into her blouse. Her corset pressed her tightly, supporting her breasts, and he pushed his fingers down into the valley between the mounds. Withdrawing his hand, he released one, cupping it, flicking the nipple, watching it tighten.
He’d never touched her breast before. No man had. It felt good, but it was wrong. She raised a knee and tried to jam it into his cods. He twisted, and she struck air instead. Off balance, she teetered.

Want to know what happens next? Buy the short story here:

About the author:


Best-selling, award-winning author Suz deMello, a.k.a Sue Swift, has written seventeen romance novels in several subgenres, including erotica, comedy, historical, paranormal, mystery and suspense, plus a number of short stories and non-fiction articles on writing. A freelance editor, she’s worked for Total-E-Bound, Liquid Silver Books and Ai Press, where she is currently Managing Editor. She also takes private clients.

Her books have been favorably reviewed in Publishers Weekly, Kirkus and Booklist, won a contest or two, attained the finals of the RITA and hit several bestseller lists.

A former trial attorney, her passion is world travel. She’s left the US over a dozen times, including lengthy stints working overseas. She’s now writing a vampire tale and planning her next trip.

--Find her books at

--For editing services, email her at
--Befriend her on Facebook:, and visit her group page at
--She tweets her reading picks @ReadThis4fun and @Suzdemello

This is an affiliate link:

The First Bite Is the Deepest by Elisa Catrina. $2.99 from
“Funny and clever and emotionally hard-hitting” "A perfectly creepy read." Elisa Catrina's debut novel begins as a quirky send-up of vampire romance, but quickly turns sinister. High schooler Stella Ortiz starts dating the mysterious new guy, but her friends are convinced he's bad news: Sebastian misses tons of school, he day-drinks something that smells like pennies, and oh yeah, he's a vampire.

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Happy Birthday, Melissa Etheridge!

Happy birthday to one of my favorite musical artists, Kansas's own Melissa Lou Etheridge!

Here is a playlist of all my favorite ME songs. My very, very favorite one is "Angels Would Fall." But you already knew that, because I wrote about it here.

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J.R. Ward's 'The King' - Review with Spoilers

Happy birthday to my love, the wonderful Tit Elingtin!

One year ago, I read J.R. Ward's then-latest in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, Lover at Last. I'd been anticipating the main pairing in that one - literally for years. I read the love story of Qhuinn and Blaylock with great relish, all the way up to their happily-ever-after.

I should have been just as excited for this year's installation, The King. I just wasn't that into it. I read it more because of tradition than anything else.

This novel focuses on the original pairing from the first BDB novel, Dark Lover: vampire king Wrath and Beth, the illegitimate offspring of Wrath's fallen comrade Darius and a human woman. When I read Dark Lover, I loved Wrath and Beth's story.  But since they were already the stars of their very own book, it seems a little redundant to have them be the main focus of this one. Their happily-ever-after is already a done deal.

The central drama in this one is whether Wrath will retain his throne as the king of vampire-kind.  He's under attack from the vampire aristocracy, the Glymera. They're being influenced by the Band of Bastards, outlaws from the Old Country whose leader, Xcor, covets the throne. The Glymera conspire to strip Wrath of any real power he has because he's mated to a half-human. They use the excuse of any potential offspring they might have being one-fourth human to mean Beth's bloodline would be ineligible for the vampire throne.

Wrath has no intention of having any offspring, but having a baby is all Beth can think about. They clash over that. Then she goes into her needing period. (Because the hubby's been watching a lot of Star Trek: Enterprise lately, I've recently noticed how the vampire mating cycle in Ward's universe is like the Vulcan one in Gene Roddenberry's brainchild.)

Plot twist! Since Beth is half human, her needing turns out to be superfluous. She's already pregnant when Wrath decides to throw caution to the wind and "service" his beloved. They find out afterwards, when she can't keep anything on her stomach. By then, she's already four months pregnant, human-style.

These always end happily, so no one will be too surprised when Beth gives birth to a healthy, if slightly premature, baby boy who is also named Wrath. Unlike his blind father, Little Wrath has healthy eyes. The kingship situation is also resolved, using diplomacy. Wrath allows his people to vote for any leader they wish to, and they unanimously elect him king for life.  He also regains his passion for the work.

At the end of Lover at Last, we had some loose ends to tie up: would Trez and the Chosen Selena become a couple? Would Assail save the assassin Sola from her kidnappers? Would Qhuinn and Layla's baby be born safely? Would Layla and Xcor get together?

This book answers these questions partially. Trez and Selena get to have sex, but not a relationship…yet. Assail does save Sola - and get revenge on her kidnappers - but they don't end up together either. Their scenes end with her calling out his name into the darkness, and while he hears her, he doesn't answer. Layla and Xcor get together, in theory, but don't have any scenes of physical contact - and her pregnancy is still ongoing.

I didn't find this installation nearly as suspenseful or enthralling as the last one, but I have hope for the next one. If it's mostly about Trez and Selena, that'd be great. I wouldn't mind a Layla/Xcor installation. I'll be pretty bored and disappointed if Assail and Sola are the main characters, because my interest in them is minimal. 

We got a little glimpse into the home lives of my very favorite couple, Zsadist and Bella. In the next book, I'd love to see a little of the wedded bliss between Qhuinn and Blaylock. 

I got this book from my local public library. I was under no obligation to write this review and was not compensated for it in any way. 

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#BookReview Lemony Snicket's 'File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents' #Mystery #KidsBooks

File Under: 13 Suspicious IncidentsFile Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents by Lemony Snicket

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

These 13 short stories are further evidence that Lemony Snicket's All the Wrong Questions series is ever bit as much subversive fun as A Series of Unfortunate Events - if not more so. I'm starting to think the solo adventures of juvenile Snicket in the village of Stain'd-by-the-Sea are my favorite brainchild of Daniel Handler thus far.

That village librarian Dashiell Qwerty has become yet another of my fictional boyfriends does not hurt the case.

The mysteries are fun. Some of them are fairly obvious, but overall they remind me of a junior version of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's best work. That they allow us yet another opportunity to interact with Stain'd-by-the-Sea's quirky residents is yet another point in this book's favor.

Yet those who haven't read Who Could That Be At This Hour? and When Did You See Her Last? can still enjoy this book as a stand-alone. Any young reader who likes Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, or any of the other half-grown sleuths of literature will find this volume delightful, whether or not they've read Snicket before.

I purchased this hardcover at Barnes and Noble with my own funds and was not obligated to review it in any way. I'm simply a Lemony Snicket fan.

Find it on File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents (All the Wrong Questions)

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Release Blitz: THE BURLINGTON MANOR AFFAIR by Saskia Walker

A legendary family estate.
A mutual longing.
A bargain struck.

Carmen Shelby wants what's been left to her—the valuable estate that she once called home. Rex Carruthers is the heir to Burlington Manor, a ruthless playboy who enjoys playing games, and all he wants is for Carmen to surrender. There can be only one winner...

"Walker deftly spins a captivating tale that will have readers holding their collective breath until the last page is turned.”—Publishers Weekly on The Libertine

"Saskia Walker is one on the top erotic writers of the millennium." - Alison Tyler

Buy links:

Amazon UK

Amazon com

Direct from Harlequin US (only $3.99 direct price)

All Romance Ebooks

Direct Mills and Boon UK (out now)

"As the kiss deepened, her body trembled—which only made his grip on her tighten. He wanted to keep his little bird…make her sing out with pleasure." –The Burlington Manor Affair, Saskia Walker


“The trouble with this arrangement,” Rex commented as he walked across the room, “is that I’m enjoying it rather too much.” He watched her reaction.

Carmen stopped dead, standing on the patterned rug in the middle of the room. “What are you saying?”
Rex sat down in a winged armchair.  “For a month you do everything I want, every weekend, absolutely anything and everything.” He paused, allowing his message to sink in. “And in return for that you get my half of the property.”

“I told you I’d pay.”

Those eyes of hers, such defiance. How delicious it was to see her fire.

“That won’t be necessary. You will have earned every tiny part of the property by the time I hand it over. Don’t worry about the money.”

She knotted her fingers together. “You’re trying to embarrass me. That wasn’t part of the bargain.”
“I don’t agree. Mostly because I don’t seem to have to try very hard before you get embarrassed. I think you’re embarrassment trigger and your arousal trigger are very close together.” He lifted his shoulders in a shrug. “I can’t help that, and neither can you.”

She pressed her lips together. She was clearly annoyed, and yet he could also see that she was acutely aroused. The hands-on treatment he’d given her out in the grounds had her poised for action. She was taut and watchful, barely waiting to be instructed.

Rex took a deep breath and savored the heady atmosphere of sexual anticipation.

When she noticed, she hissed as if in objection.

Rex lifted an eyebrow. She lowered her eyelids, but watched him from beneath her lashes. Rex laughed. Had Carmen Shelby always had these withheld submissive desires? It hadn’t been obvious before, of that he was certain. And the constant battle she was having with her needs—was that part of the package? Or was this dilemma of hers because she’d revealed her trigger to him, perhaps inadvertently? Whatever the reason, neither of them could put it back in the box now. No way. Now that he knew her little kinks and foibles he intended to play them out to their full extent.

“So what is the problem?” she demanded after he left her standing there in silence while he admired her.

“A month might not be enough.”

She glared at him.

“It’s day two and I’m loving every moment,” he continued. “Seems such a shame to put an end date on it.”

“You’re winding me up.”

“I’m being honest.” He was. This was too good.

“In which case you lied to me. If you don’t intend to stand up to your end of the deal, I’m walking out of here right now, and if I have to do that I promise you I will only deal with you through a solicitor!”
Angry Carmen was hellishly hot.

“Is this the ballsy businesswoman speaking now, or are you saying you can’t handle more than a month of this?”

Her eyes blazed.

“Seriously, aren’t you enjoying our time together?”

“You know I am, in some weird fucked-up way.” She folded her arms across her chest. “But I want a limit on it, for the sake of my sanity.”

Sanity? What did that really mean? He’d find out, all in good time. He knew he’d pushed her on the terms. “Fair enough. I suppose I’ll have to stick to my word.”

“It’s only sex,” she blurted, as if it was an afterthought.

“It is…and I must say I’m liking these kinky sex games of yours.”


“Yes. Yours. Okay, let’s begin.”

She rolled her eyes.

“I’d like you to prove to me how much you want the house and how hard you’d work to get it.”

“Now you really are trying to humiliate me.”

“Not at all. You said it made it easier for you when I took charge. Although I do think there’s a part of you that likes that…the humiliation.”

Oh, how her cheeks flamed.

Rex smiled. “Strip for me.”

Long bio:

Award-winning British author Saskia Walker first dreamed of writing her own stories when she discovered a handful of romance novels stashed away in her school library. An avid reader, she lapped up the adventures and the life-affirming emotion of these stories, but always felt dismay when the bedroom door closed the reader out. She vowed that in her stories all the passion would be right there on the page!

Saskia began writing in the late 1990s. By that time she'd traveled the world, gained a B.A. in art history, an M.A. in literature and the visual arts and she'd worked in several diverse careers—but the stories in her head simply had to be written.

It is the combination of potent eroticism and strong storytelling that has become the leading characteristic of Saskia's work. Fascinated with seduction, she loves to explore how and why we get from saying "hello" to sharing our most intimate selves in moments of extreme passion. She writes across genres, often incorporating elements of history, the paranormal and the fantastic in her work. As well as many novel- and novella-length publications, Saskia's work has now appeared in more than seventy international anthologies. Her debut novel received the Passionate Plume award for the Best Contemporary Erotic Romance of 2006, and two of her novels have been nominated for a RT Book Reviews Reviewers' Choice Award.

Nowadays Saskia is happily settled in Yorkshire, in the north of England, with her real-life hero, Mark, and a houseful of stray felines. You can visit her website for more info.

Erin O'Riordan's Note: Saskia Walker and I have stories in an anthology together. That anthology is Strange Love, edited by Selena Kitt. My m/m paranormal romance between a priest and an angel is called "Angels Would Fall." Saskia's story is called "Where the Heart Is."

Find it here: Strange Love

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Let's Talk About the Veronica Mars Movie for a Moment. (Spoilers)

Don't forget, you can still enter Christine Edwards' Captured in Croatia book giveaway through May 18.

Kristen Bell as Veronica in 2007. Public domain image by Tom Bell. 
Now, about this movie version of Veronica Mars. You may remember my quiet "Squee!" of anticipation while watching the trailer before Vampire Academy started. Oh, Veronica, how I’ve missed you. I may not have paid this series any attention when it originally aired, but I sure got into it on DVD.

By the end of the third season, I became a LoVe (Logan-Veronica) shipper. Hard. Nothing against Piz, but in my mind, Logan Echolls and Veronica Mars should have ended up together. Did I get what I wanted? Well, we'll see. But first, some of the highlights:

Jason Dohring. Creative Commons image by Gage Skidmore
* Jason Dohring’s little butt is adorable. In an early scene, he has on some light-colored pants, and really wow. His butt looks good in all the pants, though, really.

* Why is Keith Mars still single? He’s such a catch. He's a total DILF.

Enrico Colantoni. Creative Commons image by Emily L
I'm a little sad that he's all alone in the same cruddy apartment he used to share with Veronica, only now Veronica is miles away from Neptune, California. Can't Keith Mars get remarried?

*Wallace and Mac look great. Especially Mac. I kinda miss the blue highlights in her hair, but she did have a super-cute hairstyle in this.

Mac Mackenzie is played by Tina Majorino. She had a minor role as the vampire Molly on True Blood in 2012 (she strapped stakes to Eric and Bill's chests), and you may also remember her from P!nk's video "Perfect."

*Cute cameo by Kristen Bell's real-life husband, Dax Shepard.

By the way, if you haven't seen Bell and Shepard in When in Rome, you should see it. It's a cute romantic comedy in which the goddess Venus is a background character.

*Extra-cute cameo by James Franco. He's seen trying on skinny jeans and trying to think of words that rhyme with orange.

*I may never forget the mental image of 50 Cent baking lemon cakes while singing “Afternoon Delight.”

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson. Creative Commons image by Alex Const
*Veronica, when she overhears a character refer to her as a "nosy bitch," responds (to herself), "It’s called curiosity!" You tell 'em, V.

And then all my Veronica-Logan feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeels. As the movie opens, Veronica is dating Piz. They haven't been seeing each other steadily since college. In fact, the movie takes place nine years after Veronica transferred from her Neptune college to - they had to go to an Ivy League law school, but I forget which one. They reconnected years after their college fling.

Alas, Veronica and Piz are not to be. He breaks up with her because she can't seem to stay away from Logan. Logan is accused of murder in this movie. It seems rather obvious he's not guilty (although Logan is far from innocent), and Veronica believes in him all along. The victim is one of their Neptune High classmates, who's become a pop star. Logan was her ex-boyfriend. They'd broken up because of her drug abuse, but he stopped by to see her one night and found her dead in her bathtub, electrocuted.

Veronica has become a lawyer, and she feels compelled to defend Logan. After she and Piz break up, Veronica feels compelled to sleep with Logan again. I guess she's forgiven him for past scuzzy behavior?

But they don't stay together. He goes back to his naval career (!). LoVe feels...still unresolved.

Can we Kickstarter the sequel now or what? I want more.

P.S. Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday today!

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#Review + #Giveaway: 'Captured in Croatia' by Christine Edwards

Captured in Croatia by Christine Edwards


Corporate spy Carew Sloan is sent to Zagreb, Croatia, to retrieve information for a private intelligence agency. Carew’s beauty and talent for computer decryption make her the natural choice for this sensitive mission. After charming her mark, Vasilije Juric, in one of Zagreb’s swanky dance clubs, Carew finds herself in Juric’s bedroom. It will take only a moment to gather the information she was sent for and make her escape. Or so she thinks.

Unfortunately for Carew, Juric has a keen-eyed bodyguard, Zoran, who pegged her instantly as trouble. After a high speed chase, he retrieves Carew from her wrecked car. Rather than turn the stunning spy over to his merciless boss, Zoran takes matters into his own hands and keeps the girl … as his captive. Zoran’s keen intelligence, striking features, and powerful physique prove hard to resist, and soon their mutual hostility takes a backseat to the torrent of lust neither can deny.

Will Carew follow her heart, even it means losing her livelihood? What other dangers await them both beyond Zoran's lair?


I needed another book to read and review about like I needed a new hole in the head, but I couldn't resist this one because of my ongoing fascination with the former Yugoslavia and, more specifically, magically delicious Croatian dudes. So, this being a fairly quick read, I gave it a chance. 

Hot, hot, hot!

Dominant male/submissive female isn't usually my favorite erotica subgenre, but Edwards made me care about both the hero and the heroine, so I liked the story. The love scenes are out-of-this-world, solar-radiation scorching hot.

You don't have to have my fascination with Dalmatians who aren't dogs to enjoy this one, though. You just have to like blistering hawt, raw, primal heterosexual sex.

I don't know about you, but I'm picturing Goran Visnijc, of E.R. and Practical Magic fame, as Zoran. 

Goran Visnijc. Creative Commons image by Angela George. 

Enter to Win! 

• 1 Digital Copy of CLAIMED IN CANADA

• 1 Digital Copy of  NAUGHTY IN NORWAY

• 2 Digital Copies of NABBED IN NEW ZEALAND

• 2 Digital Copies of CAPTURED IN CROATIA

**NOTE:  All books can be read as standalones.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Having trouble accessing the giveaway?  Here is a direct link!

About the Author:

Erotic Romance Author Christine Edwards grew up in the Deep South on Hilton Head Island, SC. At an early age she developed a passion for the arts that led her to earn a bachelor's degree in Art History from the College of Charleston in South Carolina. Christine has a special place in her heart for reading and writing erotic tales. She continues to publish stories that immerse readers in exotic and realistic geographic settings amid interesting subcultures of adult life.

Within the vein of BDSM romance, her main focus is on loving, multi-faceted relationships involving intense alpha males and feisty heroines. She adores snow skiing, traveling the world, and spending time with her amazing family. Christine currently resides in the sleepy coastal town of Beaufort, SC.

Social Links:  

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Cover Reveal for Enticing Hart by Mae Hancock

Enticing Hart is due for release on 30th May

Hart Emile is tired of cruising for guys, living a soulless existence. He needs a change, so when an acquaintance gives him the number of the Red Fox Ranch, a homestead looking for staff, he heads south hoping to spend the summer somewhere beautiful and hassle free. Little does he know, he is heading for trouble...
Oak Redman is eighteen years old and desperate to explore his awakening sexuality. The moment Hart lays eyes on the handsome young rancher he knows he could be in for a wild summer! 
Not only is Oak hot, spirited and very persistent, he is also the ranch boss's son and strictly off limits! Hart tries to fight his feelings and respect his boss and the family who quickly become dear to him but can he deny himself the most exciting and enticing man he has ever met?

Author Bio

I’ve always written stories and enjoy reading all types of literature from thrillers to romance. I’m interested in people who experience social marginalization and these are often themes that appear in my stories. I’ve written erotic literature for pleasure for a long time, but it’s only recently I’ve put romance and erotica together and found I enjoy writing about the exciting journey we all go on when falling in love. My interests include cultural history, particularly in the Greek and Roman worlds. 

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Christian Fiction: 'Marriage Takes Three' by G.E. Hamlin

Marriage Takes ThreeMarriage Takes Three by G.E. Hamlin

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a Christian romance novel, the story of an already-married couple struggling to make their marriage work. It's PG-rated and appropriate for all ages of romance novel readers, although the characters can probably be appreciated most by those who've already experienced marriage.

Darla and Randall are having all sorts of problems: he goes to church, she doesn't. Their son also refuses to church, and he and Randall get into arguments. Randall and Darla argue, mostly about all the time she spends with Jack, her ex-boyfriend who has since become an acclaimed country music singer. (I kinda pictured him looking like Keith Urban because he's blond.)

Lately the arguments between Darla and Randall have escalated to the point that they're contemplating time away from each other. They have to decide: try to make their marriage work or move on. If Darla decides to move on, it's possible she may try to rekindle her teenage romance with Jack. Clearly, Jack is still in love with her.

No spoilers, but because of the genre, you can assume the story will resolve in a way that's in accordance with a Christian worldview.

If I remember correctly, I pre-ordered this book on Amazon at the suggestion of the author. Ginny Hamlin contacted me either on Goodreads or on Facebook as part of a campaign to get some pre-orders in to show the publisher there was interest in her book. I purchased this book with my own funds and was not compensated for reviewing it.

I'm glad I read it. It's nice to read something that's a change of pace every now and then - it keeps the mind open to new ideas and styles of writing. This isn't my first Christian romance novel, or my first "sweet" romance, but I do think this is first work I've read from Hamlin.

I would read her again. Her biography in the back of the book says one of her influences is Nicholas Sparks. I think if you like Nicholas Sparks, you'll probably enjoy this book, too.

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The Pepa Potts Project

Did you ever wake up from a dream that felt like your brain put so much effort into it, dreaming it gave you almost the same feeling of accomplishment as writing something (or whatever your artistic endeavor of choice may be)? Frankly, I still haven't quite stopped thinking about this.

I wish I could. But I can't.

Then, the other day when I couldn't decide what to watch on Netflix, I "accidentally" watched The Avengers for at least the fifth or sixth time. That only made it worse. Now I can't stop thinking about Tony Stark and Pepper Potts as a couple. I know I'm a crazy multi-shipper, but on this viewing, I really shipped Pepperony hard.

Combined with my love of '90s music and hip hop by female artists, I was inspired to create The Pepa Potts Project. This combines screen captures of Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Pots with the lyrics of Salt N Pepa.

The lyrics are, of course, from "Shoop," which we discussed in the Go, Mutants! post.

These lyrics are snagged from the immortal "Let's Talk About Sex."

...And these are from "Gitty Up."

"Gitty Up" was never one of my favorite S+P songs, but I do remember the video, somewhat, because of its cowboy dancing.

These lyrics are from an older song, "Beauty and the Beat."

This is from "None of Your Business," a song we already heard in "A Musical Flashback to 1993." 

The last piece of the Pepa Potts Project - so far - takes its lyrics from "Do You Want Me?"

As I searched Tumblr for appropriate images to use for the project, I found out that some people ship Pepperony together with Loki. If you have this OT3, you're a Froz3nPizza shipper. (Whereas if you're not into threesomes and you exclude Pepper, you're a FrostIron shipper.)

I haven't read any Froz3nPizza fanfics, but I sincerely hope that in them, Pepper uses some serious contraception when she's with Loki. Otherwise she'll end up with some kind of monster child. One must always take special precautions with gods, since god-human pairings typically result in demigod offspring. Frankly, I think Pepper should only have Pepperony babies - assuming she trusts Tony enough to let him father a child with her.

On another note, if you want to read a great Avengers-themed blog with actually helpful posts about the business of writing young adult fiction, you must follow YAvengers. It is great.

Maybe I've got all the Avengers stuff out of my system now. Or maybe I rented Thor: The Dark World from the library and plan to watch it over the weekend, possibly reigniting a forest fire of Loki feels.