Monday, June 11, 2012

The Best of Blue Monday

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On Mondays I hook up with Pinning! at A Night Owl Blog/Baxtron{Life}. On Wednesday, it's Oh, How Pinteresting! at The Vintage Apple.  These are some of my favorites from past Blue Mondays. 

This is my very favorite from the celestial-themed Once in a Blue Moon post.

This one is from the jewel-themed Bejeweled Blitz post. 

Among the pretty pictures in the all-female pin-up post, the prettiest may have been this lady with the blue eyelashes.

The prettiest picture from Blue Man Group is of Christian Bale. 

Blue is really Christian Bale's color, even though he has hazel eyes. Since I posted Blue Man Group, I pinned this one, with the artfully disarrayed hair. The fun part is imagining how his hair got this way. Messed-up sex hair, maybe? 

This image comes from the Underwater theme.

The fourth Blue Monday theme was "Wear It." My personal favorite is the blue lipstick. The model's blue eyes really sell it. 

The Monumental post only featured two monuments: the Eiffel Tower lit up in blue lights, and this beautiful winter image from Chicago.

The first-ever Blue Monday was circus-themed. Sort of. It also only had two pins, the second of which is this colorful sequined costume.

Stop by on future Blue Mondays for more highlights from my Pinterest boards. My blog's very own board is Pagan Spirits Book Blog. Some of my other bookish boards are:

Nerdy Girls Need Love Too - tons of Harry Potter pins, plus various assorted nerderies

Hotties Read - George Clooney is the most popular reading hottie

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Courtney said...

That dress is amazingly gorgeous at the bottom!

Erin O'Riordan said...

Thanks, Courtney. Now if it would only get in my closet...

Cait said...

wow these are all lovely :) great pins!