Monday, June 18, 2012

Books That Arrived on My Doorstep + Fake Church Signs Put to Shady Purposes

I'm taking a break from Blue Monday for a while, until I can replenish my stock of fresh pins on Pinterest.

My squee! moment today was when my package arrived from Better World Books, containing four very used but new-to-me volumes. There's The Art of Disappearing by Ivy Pochoda, which has been on my TBR list for years:
Another book from my long-term TBR list is Five Finger Fiction by Brooks Sigler (Veronica Brooks-Sigler).
Several weeks ago, someone on GoodReads reminded me that I've only read two-thirds of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy. I can't leave a trilogy unfinished! So I couldn't resist throwing this into my virtual shopping cart as well.
But most exciting of all, my copy of From Here to Eternity is finally here! It's 861 pages long. I am taking on quite a project when I say I'm going to read the entire trilogy. But now I have to - because I can't leave a trilogy unfinished. Prew's bugle is on the cover of this 1951 edition (not a first edition).
Now, please enjoy this video I made yesterday, on my lazy Sunday. As you can probably tell from my Lady Sovereign share the other day, I've been on an alternative hip-hop kick. I decided that YouTube needed a better video to accompany this awesome song, so I made one using fake church signs.

On a note unrelated to pants tents (unless you count my ladywood), I can't stop looking at this.
Seriously, if I stare any harder I'm going to end up pregnant. Because - oh my god. The beauty.



Shah Wharton said...

Lol - "if I stare any longer I'm going to be pregnant" I loving that! I feel like that when I watch Ian Somerhalder in... anything. :P

Wow - your reading list is impressive and somewhat commanding. Good luck with that. Could take a while (well, it would take me ages).

Sorry I've been absent for a while - I've had visitors then been on holiday. I'm home and trying to play catch-up. Phew!

Erin O'Riordan said...

I hope you're having fun in London and Birmingham, Shah!

When I think of Birmingham, I always think of Duran Duran, just like when I think of "Midlands" I think Stratford-upon-Avon. That's an American's limited knowledge of U.K. geography.

I can't wait for the pictures!