Monday, February 27, 2012

Blue Monday #2 - Monumental

If I was in Paris, I would say ooh la la la la la la la...

This gorgeous winter scene is in Chicago, at the Historic Water Tower.

Blue Monday brings you some of the highlights of my Pinterest board I've Got the Blues.

A fascinating article about Pinterest sexism among mostly-male tech bloggers appeared at Clever Girls Collective on Valentine's Day. Apparently, some bloggers think that "used mostly by women" is some kind of red flag, even though THE INTERNET IS MOSTLY USED BY WOMEN.

Lest you think that this is an isolated incident of media sexism, check out The HTML5 Gendered Advertising Remixer. Don't think that in this day and age, play is branded differently for little boys and little girls? Use this fun and educational tool to watch boy toys ads with girl toy voiceovers, and voice versa, then watch the absurdity (or ad-surdity, as it were) ensue.

Part of a larger trend? Sadly, yes, as Sifat Azad demonstrates in "Are Women in the Media Only Portrayed as Sex Icons? Statistics Show a Massive Gender Imbalance Across Industries." Hey, there's nothing wrong with being a sex icon when you're trying to get laid, but it's a bit beside the point when you're trying to report the news, review a book, or direct a film. 

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