Wednesday, November 9, 2011

WIP Wednesday Returns, with R.C. Beckom

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Erin O'Riordan: I'm collaborating on an erotic novella with Ken Charles. Ken has two works - The Mercies of Cinderella (Feb. 2012) and The Naughty Ladies of Cotton Glen (April 2012) - under contract with Naughty Nights Publishing. His new series is called Sex Tales From West County, and there's a whole lot of spanking going on. Author Kathleen Grieve (the author of Dating 911) and I are collaborating with Ken on a new installment.

R.C. Beckom: R. C. Beckom tends to look at the aspects of the Black Communities and the conditions of the times there. He seeks to help the communities to be able to comprehend the situations that they find themselves in and hopes to help find solutions so that they are able to abide for the existence of their children of the future.

As a Black man, Beckom grew up ‘having to learn the ways of a society that he and people like him had nothing to do with putting together, but, would find themselves victims of it if they did not learn that society’s rules and regulations.

His stories speak of the traumatic events to come for a people captured against their will, a people taken from their native habitat for centuries and forced to learn things contrary to the sake of their very own being. It showcases the repercussions that will come from the mistreatment of humanity and discusses how forcing a people to submit to things that don’t allow them to be free in their actions and thinking only eliminates their ability to one day be in control of their own destiny.

R. C. Beckom is the author of the novel It’s Comin’/Trilogy - an intriguing story of how some black people came about to be in some of the present situations that some of them are founded to be in. In his book he present some situations and some solutions to some of those situations.

His book goes beyond the comprehension of daily everyday life. It defines conditions that needs attention immediately, things that most, but, not all will refuse or rebuke to a hear to, simply, because of the guilt that just may be founded in one’s own self. His book is not one to be put to the side, “THIS IS A MUST READ” (There will not be another book that approaches these types of issues published for at least another hundred years, so don’t miss out on reading the most truest tale of the century.) Get your copy now go to:


Nora B. Peevy said...

Cinderella erotica. Is this anything like Sleeping Beauty? Sounds intriguing...

Erin O'Riordan said...

Nora, you read the Sleeping Beauty trilogy - you, who are so notoriously not a fan of Anne Rice?! (I've read the second and third ones, but never the first.) Having read one of Ken's novellas, I'm sure it will be hot, and probably involve a lot of spanking.

Sarah Butland said...

Sounds interesting. Not my typical read but I love meeting new authors and expanding my mind. Thanks for the introduction.