Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Pepa Potts Project

Did you ever wake up from a dream that felt like your brain put so much effort into it, dreaming it gave you almost the same feeling of accomplishment as writing something (or whatever your artistic endeavor of choice may be)? Frankly, I still haven't quite stopped thinking about this.

I wish I could. But I can't.

Then, the other day when I couldn't decide what to watch on Netflix, I "accidentally" watched The Avengers for at least the fifth or sixth time. That only made it worse. Now I can't stop thinking about Tony Stark and Pepper Potts as a couple. I know I'm a crazy multi-shipper, but on this viewing, I really shipped Pepperony hard.

Combined with my love of '90s music and hip hop by female artists, I was inspired to create The Pepa Potts Project. This combines screen captures of Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Pots with the lyrics of Salt N Pepa.

The lyrics are, of course, from "Shoop," which we discussed in the Go, Mutants! post.

These lyrics are snagged from the immortal "Let's Talk About Sex."

...And these are from "Gitty Up."

"Gitty Up" was never one of my favorite S+P songs, but I do remember the video, somewhat, because of its cowboy dancing.

These lyrics are from an older song, "Beauty and the Beat."

This is from "None of Your Business," a song we already heard in "A Musical Flashback to 1993." 

The last piece of the Pepa Potts Project - so far - takes its lyrics from "Do You Want Me?"

As I searched Tumblr for appropriate images to use for the project, I found out that some people ship Pepperony together with Loki. If you have this OT3, you're a Froz3nPizza shipper. (Whereas if you're not into threesomes and you exclude Pepper, you're a FrostIron shipper.)

I haven't read any Froz3nPizza fanfics, but I sincerely hope that in them, Pepper uses some serious contraception when she's with Loki. Otherwise she'll end up with some kind of monster child. One must always take special precautions with gods, since god-human pairings typically result in demigod offspring. Frankly, I think Pepper should only have Pepperony babies - assuming she trusts Tony enough to let him father a child with her.

On another note, if you want to read a great Avengers-themed blog with actually helpful posts about the business of writing young adult fiction, you must follow YAvengers. It is great.

Maybe I've got all the Avengers stuff out of my system now. Or maybe I rented Thor: The Dark World from the library and plan to watch it over the weekend, possibly reigniting a forest fire of Loki feels.

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