Friday, May 20, 2011

"Observe Education on Japanese Children from Anime and Manga," a guest post by Kevin

Have you realized that Japanese have already learned how to be a winner from anime they watched and manga they read in the childhood? Japanese children are educated to be persevering, collaborative, respectful to teachers, think independently, never admit defeat and never afraid of loss. Think it over: you will find anime like Flash Kicker, Slam Dunk, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, etc tell us stories of struggling for the desired target regardless of difficulty. Simply put, Japanese media consider children to be adults, rather than kids, and don't water down their stories.

Believe it or not, the best opportunities come when you are young, even a child. Education, neighbors, teachers, awards, interest in computers, knowledge of finance management, planning for life, independent thought, demands on yourself in the childhood directly decides your future.

Teachers will more love mature and sensible children. Intelligent and sedate classmates will be the most possible be the leaders. Kids in this kind will get much more opportunities in the growing path. So, have you found the king of children in a yard will gain more or faster approval from the society?

Japanese anime inspires us not to lose at the starting line. They are not only fictional stories, but also guides for people’s lives.

Author Bio : Kevin works for, a shop supplying cosplay items online, like Naruto Costumes. He's also busy with running his cosplay blog, where he shares something interesting in cosplay and anime.

My Two Cents (Erin O'Riordan) - I wanted to feature this post because, even though I'm not a manga reader (Twilight the Graphic Novel excluded, of course), I did grow up in the '80s. My first anime experience was Voltron. In the '90s it was Sailor Moon. Oh yes, and who did the English voice of Howl in Howl's Moving Castle? Someone I like, maybe?

Guest blogger Kevin makes the point that you are what you read, so read something interesting that's going to teach you a good lesson, but have fun doing it. Don't be afraid to explore. Personally, if I were going to explore any area of manga, I would probably start with yaoi/shonen ai. That's just me, though.

What are YOUR favorite anime or manga series?

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Li said...

I've found that some parents and teachers look down on anime/manga and discourage youth from reading it, likening it to comic books. But I've always taken the view that if kids find something they WANT to read, then we should encourage it (within obvious boundaries). Not every teen can plough through the classics or a tome like Harry Potter.