Thursday, July 21, 2011

Marlene Perez's stylish Dead Is series could be the cure for HP withdrawal

As I write this, the final Harry Potter film is making its debut on the big screen. J.K. Rowling’s books have been with us since 1997, and the film series based on them has stretched out over the past decade. It’s amazing to see how the films’ young actors have grown up before our eyes. Who would have guessed little Emma Watson would grow up to be so stylish?

Before you go into young adult fantasy series withdrawal, check out the Dead Is series by Marlene Perez. The books follow California high school student Daisy Giordano. Her mother is psychic and her two older sisters, Poppy and Rose, also have paranormal gifts. Daisy’s powers are developing, and it’s a good thing, because their hometown of Nightshade is full of paranormal residents. Even the jukebox at Slim’s Diner seems to be haunted.

Each of Marlene Perez’s characters also has her own sense of style. Here’s a quickie guide to some random fashion moments (both formal and everyday) in the Dead Is series, and a few hints on how you can copy the looks.

The book: Dead Is the New Black
The look: Rocker Chick
Quote: “She wore a naughty nurse’s uniform paired with leopard-print tights, six-inch white plastic heels, and a towering hot pink hairdo that was obviously a wig.”
Sexy Evil Nurse Costume, $27.66 -
Leopard-print Tights, $10.40 -
6” White Plastic Heels, $38.95 -
Hot pink beehive wig, $39.95,

The book: Dead Is a State of Mind
The look: Daisy’s Perfect Prom Dress
Quote: “Samantha and Poppy both found their dresses, but everything I tried on was either too tight, too short, or too revealing. An hour later, I spotted it. It was strapless, pale gold with a beaded bodice and skirt, and much more sophisticated than anything I’d tried on before.”
Pale Gold Strapless Taffeta Gown:

The book: Dead Is So Last Year
The look: Indie Librarian
Quote: “At the diner, I went back to the kitchen, but there was a stranger there with Slim. She was a short, curvy young woman with horn-rimmed glasses and blond hair, which was dyed with purple stripes.”
Oakley Women’s Horn-Rimmed Glasses, $195 -
Hair dye in deep purple, joyride, pimpin’ purple, plum, purple smoke or wildflower, $12.99 each -

The book: Dead Is Just a Rumor
The look: Pure Vintage
Quote: “It was midnight blue, with a square bodice and an ivory satin underskirt. There were little silk flowers at the waist and ivory embroidery at the wrists and hem.”
1930s Style Midnight Blue Gown, $130 -

The book: Dead Is Not an Option
The look: Casual Fridays
Quote: “She was wearing a skirt and a T-shirt with cut-off sleeves. Today’s tee read, PLEASE DON’T FEED THE DEMONS.”
Corduroy Short Skirt, $39.50 -
“For a Minute There You Bored Me to Death” T-shirt, $8.50 -

You don't have to dress up (or down) to enjoy Perez's novel series. If you like mysteries with a paranormal twist, solved by an intelligent teenage heroine and shaken with a generous dash of high school drama, the series is for you.

Image Attribution:
Emma Watson photo by Chris Marra - Creative Commons license
Nurse costume photo by Brian K - Creative Commons license
Purple hair photo by Charles Johnson - Creative Commons license

Other images via Pinterest

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