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Amber Chen's Hottest Sci-Fi Couples

Today's post is a commentary on a post titled "The Hottest Sci-Fi Couples on Film" by Amber Chen. I love this list so much, I just have to share.

Princess Leia and Han Solo (Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford)

Amber says: "Sure, it was only a PG relationship, but there was plenty of playfully sarcastic banter and escalating sexual tension between the princess and her hero. One of their best moments is in The Empire Strikes Back, in the Millennium Falcon engine room, when Han starts rubbing Leia's injured fingers. When Leia feebly protests that her hands are dirty, Han leans in and purrs, 'My hands are dirty, too; what are you afraid of?' The whole exchange is hotter than hot, even if he is a scoundrel--well, because he's a scoundrel."

Erin says: Han Solo was my first crush when I was a little girl. Then I got a little older and used to dream about Han and Leia both. Okay, sometimes I still do. I think it's sexy that Matthew Davis, who plays Alaric Saltzman on The Vampire Diaries, looks like a Han Solo-era Harrison Ford.

Sarah Conner and Kyle Reese (Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn)

Amber says: "Sarah and Kyle had a passion born out of adrenaline, of Sarah depending on Kyle for her very survival, and Kyle depending on Sarah for survival of the species. You can't get any more intense than that. It doesn't hurt that Sarah and Kyle are both blond beauties, and Kyle makes his entrance to the world of the past completely naked. Then there's the love scene, all passionate kissing with an undercurrent of reverential tenderness. What makes it even hotter? The handsome Kyle has been lonely in his apocalyptic future world, and is most likely a virgin."

Erin says: I've also found the Terminator franchise surprisingly sexy, an opinion I shared in "Getting A Rise From the Machines: Terminator as Erotica." The sex under James Cameron’s direction isn’t explicit, but the loving close-up of their intertwined fingers tells the viewer everything she needs to know about John Connor’s conception. And with the release of Terminator: Salvation, it becomes clear John Connor grows up to resemble Christian Bale, the mere sight of whom moistens panties the world over. Adult John Connor also has a hot wife, played by Ms. Bryce Dallas Howard.

Richard B. Riddick and Carolyn Fry (Vin Diesel and Radha Mitchell)

Amber says: "Sure, they weren't exactly a couple, but you could cut the sexual tension with a knife. A really scary, sharp knife, the kind Riddick likes. It starts as merely pervy innuendo on Riddick's side, but his interest in Fry increases when she proves she's just as tough as he is."

Erin says: Yeah, I don't have an opinion on this one. I saw Pitch Black but don't list it among my favorite films.

Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker (Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen)

Amber says: "Call it a bromance, or revel in the homoerotic subtext, but you have to admit these two had more chemistry than Anakin and Padme. Obi-Wan was all handsome nobility and valor, trying to mold his gorgeous young and passionate student into the perfect Jedi. That's hot."

Erin says: I would've picked Obi-Wan Kenobi and his mentor, Qui-Gon Jinn, played by Liam Neeson. For years after The Phantom Menace came out, I entertained fantasies of Ewan and Liam realizing their on-set attraction was real. Ewan, in my fancy, knew he was bisexual all along. Liam realized he was a deeply closeted gay man and, after much soul-searching, managed an amicable split from Natasha Richardson. (Rest in peace, Natasha.)

Now, enjoy a cheesy fan video.

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Shah Wharton said...

First couple for me all the way! Harrison had it going on. For an older guy he still oozes and quiet masculinity - like Sean Connery. My female crush however - Always Blondie. Top of the pops and that purple dress! HOT!! Oh and Michelle Pfieffer too - Hubba!

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