Wednesday, July 11, 2012

WIP Wednesday ~ An Exciting Day for Shah Wharton

Today is an exciting day for my fellow author/blogger Shah Wharton; today she reveals the cover of her first novel, Finding Esta! Shah will be my guest next WIP Wednesday, but in the meantime, you can see her book cover here. Go show my girl Shah some love.

This week I've been working on adding a few more sex scenes to the third novel in the Pagan Spirits series, St. James' Day. But I haven't done a ton of writing this week. What are YOU working on? 

Obviously, I've been reading - lots of From Here to Eternity, and still have 300 pages to go. Then I started Deborah Harkness' Shadow of Night, the sequel to A Discovery of Witches, because I have it from the library for a limited time. Yep, I'm cheating on Robert E. Lee Prewitt with Matthew Clairmont. But it doesn't mean I don't love you, Prew, despite all your faults.

I can't wait to see the From Here to Eternity movie, after I finish the book. I'm stupidly excited that the Internet told me Montgomery Clift was bisexual. I really don't care about people's sexual orientation - just be yourself - yet tell me that somebody famous and hot is bi, and all of the sudden I'm like, "Victory!"

'Sup with that?

Monty Clift, you will be my second future baby daddy once time travel is perfected. After George Gershwin. We'll go in chronological order.

I'm also stupidly excited that someone found this blog by searching "famous Jewish lesbians." I'm happy to be the curator of Jewish lesbian knowledge, although I can't really tell you that much. A little bit about The Dyke and Dybbuk, yes. I can tell you a little more about bisexual Jewish women: Peaches, for example, and Susan Sontag and Rachel Kramer Bussel. I feel compelled to post about Gertrude Stein now.

Or Phranc. Phranc comes up in She's A Rebel by Gillian G. Gaar:

"As virtually the only self-proclaimed 'all-American Jewish lesbian folksinger,' Phranc, with her snappy flattop hairstyle, was a category unto herself, but she was quick to point out it was a category with universal appeal. 'My songs speak to everybody,' she says. 'I have some songs that deal with the issue of lesbians, and there's an identification of me being a lesbian, but my sexuality is not the biggest part of me-it's part of me like my haircut and my shoes; it's not the biggest part of me and it's not the smallest part. But when I was growing up, there were so few examples of people that were out as lesbians, I felt like I was the only one! I'm not the only one. Young people need to know that they're not the only one. They should have the right to grow up and be whoever they are. That's the point I'm making.'

"Born Susie Gottlieb and raised in Los Angeles, Phranc began playing music at age five, progressing from piano to violin to guitar by age ten..."

As I'm writing this, I'm watching For Colored Girls, the film based on Ntozake Shange's play-in-poetry  For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf. I've never read Shange, but her words are gorgeous. The movie was adapted and produced by Tyler Perry; the previews at the beginning of the DVD included I Can Do Bad All By Myself, a Tyler Perry project that stars Taraji P. Henson.

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Erin O'Riordan said...

'I Can Do Bad All By Myself' was not good. The moral of this story is that a woman who drinks, smokes and lives independently must be desperately unhappy - but she can be fixed with a husband and three adorable children. Condescending to women much?

After watching it today, I went to see 'Magic Mike' with my mom. It also featured Adam Rodriguez (said husband in the above). Notwithstanding a glimpse of Joe Manganiello's penis, it sucked. The story was depressing, and the bisexual character had a secret fiance. Seriously, do we have to keep perpetuating the stereotype that all bis sneak around and cheat?!