Friday, July 6, 2012

Guest Post: by Sean Jameson ~ 5 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life

I don't like to be the bearer of bad news, but that initial spark in your relationship will almost always eventually fade. If you are just starting a new relationship with someone, you may think that the excitement you both feel about getting sexual with each will never go away. The truth is that it will unfortunately always slowly go away :(

Thankfully, these 5 different sex tips and ideas will show you what to do to prevent that spark of excitement dying.

1. Learn Some New Sex Positions As your relationship progresses, you will start to discover which sex positions you both enjoy most. This is great! The only problem with though is that many couples find themselves only using between 3 and 7 different sex positions. These are usually missionary, cowgirl and doggystyle or a variation of it. Now there's nothing wrong with this. It's just that when sex becomes a routine, you will eventually become bored of it. Instead I strongly advise people to experiment and learn as many new sex positions as possible to try with their partner. And I'm not talking about crazy, 'you-need-to-be-super-flexible' positions either. There are literally hundreds of easy to perform positions that you can try out with your man. I have even created a whole section devoted to this on the Bad Girl's Bible.

2. Roleplaying Roleplaying with your partner is a wonderful way open up more sexual avenues in your relationship. The fabulous thing about roleplaying is that it's a safe way to explore your fantasies with your significant other. Hopefully this list of potential fantasies to try out with your man gives you some ideas on the possibilities.

 - School girl/boy and headmaster/headmistress who has to deliver some discipline
 - Doctor and patient
 - Nurse and patient
 - Prison officer and prisoner
 - Secretary and boss
 - Master & Slave who needs punishment
 - Becoming a swashbuckling pirate
 - Rich independent woman and penniless man (don't forget to switch roles too!)

There are hundreds of roleplays that you can try out, these are just a few of the more popular ones to give you an idea of the possibilities.

3. Get Outside! The bedroom is the default location for sex for most people. But some more adventurous people like to have sex all around the house, whether it's in the kitchen or in the bathroom or even on the stairs. But if you want to take it to the next level, then I highly recommend that you try having sex outside in the open. When I say outside, I don't actually mean 'outside where you can get caught'. While many find the thought of getting caught by someone else while having sex to be thrilling, it's not something that I advise. So avoid places where you are both likely to get caught (i.e. anywhere in a city, public parks, etc.) When I say have sex outside, I mean that you should try it in places where it's just the 2 of you, alone, with almost no chance of either of you being caught or seen by others, but in a location that is beautiful. This could be by a lake early in the morning, on a beach under the stars or deep inside a forest where you can moan and groan as loud as you like without fear of being caught.

4. Don't Forget About Handjobs Whenever I get questions about sex, it usually boils down to just one of 3 things: "Teach me some new sex positions!", "How can I give a great blowjob?" or "How do I talk dirty?" One question that I rarely get, but that guys love their partner to do is giving them a handjob. Giving a great handjob is thankfully quite easy as described here. But for those who want the quick start guide, these 4 steps will get you started in the right direction:

 - Start by grabbing him around the base of his shaft. Rub it up and down for between 10 seconds and a minute.
 - Then move your hand towards the head of his penis (that's the purple part). Start stroking this part of his penis upwards and downwards, making sure that that he can feel each finger move upwards and downwards over the ridge of skin where the head joins the shaft (it's called the Corona). This will give him a lot of pleasurable stimulation.
 - Alternate between the first 2 handjob techniques, then every once in a while, lower your hand(s) to his testicles and grab them softly, then start massaging them. Remember that your man is really sensitive down here, so be careful not to accidentally hurt him by being too rough.
 - While using a combination of the 3 techniques above, you should also vary the speed at which you give your man a handjob. Start off slowly, then speed up, slow down, speed up again until he reaches orgasm and then as he starts cumming slow down again.

5. What To Do When You're Not Around If you want to keep your sex life exciting even when you are not with your partner, then there are a few really cool things that you can do. - Send each other dirty texts a few times during the week. Make sure to do it randomly so they are unexpected and out of the blue. It could be a saucy statement like, "Was thinking about your ass during work and it's making me hard (or wet)!" or "I can't wait to fuck you later." Or it could be a question like, "Would you prefer me to go down on you later or would you like a nice long massage?" - The same goes for when you are on the phone. Just let your significant other know what you are thinking of. You could say something that's not too dirty like, "I wish you were here right now." or "You are making me so hard/wet just listening to your voice." My name is Sean Jameson and you can learn more about me on my website.

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I love little notes in jackets and stuff saying "thinking of you" etc... all those suggestions are awesome!!