Wednesday, July 4, 2012

WIP Wednesday ~ Status Updates, and Donna Reed is a Hooker

Authors needed - all genres! Are you an author who'd like to share a 100- to 200-word blurb about a current work in progress on a future WIP Wednesday? If so, please send an e-mail to Erin O'Riordan (erinoriordan AT sbcglobal DOT net).

Happy Wednesday/U.S. Independence Day! Today I'll be at the movies, watching Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.   I really liked the book by Seth Grahame-Smith - sometimes I would forget I was reading fiction and think I was reading history. Although I was severely disappointed with Grahame-Smith's screenplay for Dark Shadows, Vamchoir gave ALVH a good review. 

Here's where last week's works in progress stand:

"Sheep Shifter:" Final edits turned in. I have a release date for Breathless Press' Ravaged anthology: August 3, 2012. 

"Going Native:" Still in editing. I've got the existing material editing, but I still have to add a second sex scene. 

St. James' Day: Editing continues. We haven't written any new scenes in the past week, but we'll have to get back to it soon.

"Gold Lipstick at the End of the Rainbow" (my tribute to a now-defunct GLBTQ bar): Written, edited and sent off to my editor at SexIs. Next, I'm planning an article about the difference between bisexual and pansexual. 

Billy's Color Palette: I haven't touched it this week; I think Ken Charles is working on his next chapter. We're alternating. 

Untitled short story: I haven't done anything else with that one over the week. Between Valerie Alexander's story in Suite Encounters, working on "Going Native," doing some preliminary writing on the untitled short and reading From Here to Eternity, it seems I've been heavily into prostitutes-in-literature. I'm planning to write a blog post devoted entirely to that. I'm going to call it "Hooker Please!" in honor of Lafayette on True Blood.

300 or so pages into From Here to Eternity (weighing in at a total of 861 pages), Robert E. Lee Prewitt has fallen in love with Lorene, who is a prostitute. He only met her once before he decided he was in love - the way she held his hand convinced him he was special to her. Then she actually kissed him! Then he gambled away his entire paycheck trying to earn enough to spend another night with her! I've never seen the movie - I'll finish the book first - but I am a bit surprised that Lorene is played by Donna Reed. Donna Reed's name is virtually synonymous with wholesome family entertainment, yet here she is as a hooker.

Lorene's a good person. I like her; she's a much more sympathetic female character than Karen Holmes. Milt Warden thinks he's falling in love with Karen, but I don't know. I still say their affair is just both of them trying to get back at Karen's husband, Dana "Dynamite" Holmes. Lorene has sex for money, but Karen is just a ho. 

In her defense, though, Karen's marriage is lousy, she's been treated poorly (it's not explicitly spelled out, but she has a scar apparently from some kind of surgery she had to have after her husband gave her an STD. We know from Prew's experience with his New York society girl that antibiotics were a fairly recent development at the time. The pre-antibiotics treatment sounded fairly medieval) and she's using her sexuality as a weapon and a self-defense mechanism. 

I can't believe she slept with Maylon Stark, though. Stark, the mess sergeant from Texas, is antiSemitic (there are all kinds of perfectly legitimate reasons to hate Bloom. Bloom is a dick, but it's not because he's Jewish) and homophobic. I sincerely hope that Maylon Stark doesn't go on to become the wealthy war industrialist who fathers Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man. 

(This is how you girl it up Iron Man-style.) 

An interesting (pleasantly bizarre) crossover would be if Lorene turned out to be the same woman/immortal as Bill Compton's maker Lorena. Envision a graphic novel titled Pearl Harbor Vampire Brothel. Aw yeah.

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Erin O'Riordan said...

I actually like Maylon Stark a teensy bit better now that I know he was the first person to make Karen feel like a human being again after her hysterectomy.

Eschelle said...

I have to say that I am completely in love with teh gold lipstick... you know in the right situation.