Monday, July 2, 2012

Red, White and Blue Monday, Independence Edition

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Need something red, white, blue and sexy to read this Independence Day week? Try "Bomb Pop." It's only $1.50 for your e-reader. 

Now, continuing with our Memorial Day theme, I bring you the U.S. Independence Day pin-ups. Using a Bomb Pop as a fashion accessory is Ms. Kate Upton. Her uncle Fred is a lawmaker from Michigan, but not the one who can't stand to hear the word "vagina." 

Speaking of suggestively phallic-shaped objects...

If it's not too hot where you live, this could be your perfect July 4th outfit.

Or this.

Ms. Emma Stone, whom I loved in The Help and Easy A ('cause I'm always up for a riff on The Scarlet Letter, and if it works in some Huck Finn, so much the better!), knows how to rock a 4th of July ensemble. 

Maybe I just think this because my hubby, Tit Elingtin, was in the Navy back in the day, but guys can also rock the hot sailor look.

Of course, the ladies can do it pretty decently, too.

I love the curves on this Army pin-up girl. Her old-school stockings are way cute, too. 

Happy Independence Day! What are YOU pinning? 


Vamchoir said...
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Vamchoir said...

Independence Day is a big deal for me personally this year ... since I arrived in Long Beach (my new home) on July 4th, 2011. Think I'll be finding a boat to go watch the fireworks from and celebrating my own personal independence while I also celebrate the USA's emancipation.

Your post causes me to wonder: "What on Earth shall I wear?" LOL

Kimberly @ A Night Owl said...

oh i LOVE emma stone! i think that one's my fave... :)

thanks for linking up Erin! happy 4th!


Eschelle said...

HUGE fan of emma stone and I LOVED her in Easy A and I also loved her in that new ryan gosling movie that was amazing!! Crazy stupid love I think it was called.