Saturday, June 2, 2012

Taraji P. Henson can't keep her top on

Dorothy Surrenders: best lesbian pop culture blog in the blogiverse? I think so. Whether it's Naked Lady Monday, Tank Top Tuesday, Gender Fuck Friday or My Weekend Crush, Dorothy Snarker always brings the lady hotness, with a good dose of feminist strength. There is, however, one glaring omission from Dorothy Surrenders:

No Taraji P. Henson. 

My fondest hope is that one day Dorothy will catch an episode of Person of Interest, take note of Detective Josselyn Carter's Afghan vet/NYPD Homicide Task Force/single mom badassery and make Taraji her Weekend Crush. This will have to hold me over until that moment.

Is it hot in here, Taraji, or is it just you?

Here and there on the Internet (cough) POI Tumblrs I stalk the shit out of (cough) I hear that some people don't like Detective Josselyn Carter. I do not understand the words in that sentence. This is like saying, "I don't like Wonder Woman" or "I don't like Princess Leia." Makes no sense.

...AND the PETA ad. Sure, I shared it before, but it's always worth seeing again.

POI Tumblrs I like to stalk the shit out of:

But Most Of All: - Passionately pro-CaReese - Just as passionately pro-Rinch

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