Saturday, December 29, 2012

#XMasGiveaway Hop Winner + Calico #Caturday

Thank you all for your comments on my Gifting Books #XmasGiveaway Hop post. I have entered all the entries into, and the winner it chose was...

Daniel M!

Daniel, I'll be sending you an e-mail to let you know you won and get a mailing address. Enjoy The Black Count.

And now for some adorable Caturday cats. Giant feet, or tiny cat?

I caught it - now what do I do with it?

This adorable fellow is one of the polydactyl cats of Ernest Hemingway's Key West, Florida, home. Click this link to hear the National Public Radio story about the cats; it also has a link to a Hemingway cats video.

Here is a tiny calico kitten wearing a sweater.

This calico is trying to eat a book. I don't know, but I think it might be more than she can chew.

This is an affiliate link:

Think like Cat by Benedict Stewart. $1.99 from
Cats are probably the most adorable creatures on this planet. At least that is what cat lovers would say, but there are times when they can get very unpredictable and you would just want to get your way into their minds to think like cat. You want to know what a cat likes and does not like and before that, you would also want to know whether you should get yourself one or not.


Sarah Evans said...

Loving the awesome Caturday finds. Thanks for linking up :)

Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

Avalon Cat Cartoons said...

Happy holidays!
Vanessa & Avalon

Erin O'Riordan said...

Daniel, I still haven't gotten a response from you, and I still have a book to give away, so I'm choosing another winner. BUT if you get my message belatedly and still want me to send you a book, I'll choose an alternate title for you - just let me know.