Thursday, December 6, 2012

#OrnamentSwap2012 Reveal: Cute as a Button
Time for the reveal! My ornament swap partner was Julie E. from This is so cute!

Julie handmade this adorable button craft with the help of her eldest. I didn't tell Julie this, but I LOVE button crafts - I used to do them all the time when I was kid. My Irish granny bought me a box of buttons at a yard sale one time, and I was just in heaven. Thanks so much, Julie!

Not being crafty other than crafty with words, I did not make Julie's ornament. I picked out a mini cupcake ornament from Shana Lira's Etsy shop. Those who can craft do, and those of us who can't craft Etsy.

Hubby and I aren't doing our usual top-only Christmas tree this year - we're putting the wreath on the outside of the house, so obviously none of the good ornaments can go out there. Instead, I made a holiday shelf.

If your holiday shelf doesn't have room for Rainbow Brite, Bella-Edward-Jacob, Pat the Bunny, the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile and a sequin menorah box, then I just don't know how to begin to help you.

An eclectic celebrator of Winter Solstice holidays am I. Fortunately, when you're part Irish and you're part Jewish and you get excited about Hanukkah, there's a song just for you:

Yep, it's House of Pain's "Jump Around" remixed with a klezmer band. Happy Hanukkah (starting Saturday at sundown wherever you are), peeps!

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