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WIP Wednesday, in which Erin further explores fanfic

Authors needed - all genres! Are you an author who'd like to share a 100- to 200-word blurb about a current work in progress on a future WIP Wednesday? If so, please send an e-mail to Erin O'Riordan (erinoriordan AT sbcglobal DOT net).

This is the second half of a piece of fan fiction I wrote in between editing "Sheep Shifter" and my next project. I thought about it, and I realized "Sheep Shifter," which features a fully-grown Alice of Wonderland fame is also, in a way, fan fiction. I didn't invent those characters, either. It's similar to the stories collected in Fantastic Alice:New Stories of Wonderland, edited by Margaret Weis.

Snicker on, but E.L. James' 50 Shades of Grey trilogy, currently at the top of the bestseller list, also started out as fanfic. Twilight fanfic.

This is raw, unedited, the first and only draft. WIP Wednesday seems like as a good a place to post this as any. Last week's fic (catch up HERE) was a bit of a tease, the lead-up to the should-be relationship that's consummated in this part.


As he sat on the edge of the bed, she came around to his side. “You’re a beautiful woman, Joss.” She watched the way he bit his lower lip and almost leaned in to kiss him, but thought better of it. In her moment’s hesitation, he reached up for her and pulled her into his lap. It felt oddly familiar, as if she belonged here, and turned her on more than she’d dared to fantasize about.

He lay back, pulling her down with him, gently maneuvering her so her breasts were in his face. He sucked one while his fingers played lightly with the other. She drove her hips into him, crazy with wanting. “John – condom.”

“Not yet,” he said into her chest. She sighed in frustration. Before she knew what was happening, he had her flat on her back. She expected to feel his weight on top of her, but instead he spread her legs and knelt between them. She decided not to be offended at the way he liked to take control.

It was impossible to be offended at the way he slowly kissed and sucked his way up the inside of her thigh. His hot breath felt good, and the way one hand lightly brushed the inside of her other thigh gave her shivers. She caught herself moaning as if the pleasure were some terrible pain.

“Don’t stop,” she begged, sounding more desperate than she’d intended. He sounded pleased with himself as she reached down to run her fingers through his hair – and subtly nudge him closer to her very needy clit.

He seemed to get the message, slipping two fingers inside her as he circled her clit with his tongue. She spread her legs wider, welcoming him in further. Those fingers felt so good…and it had been so long since anyone had touched her like this…

The pressure steadily increased, and Carter’s hips swung wildly. Struggling not to scream, she came hard. John’s mouth never left her, but when Carter caught her breath and looked up, their eyes met. She sat up, threw her arms around him and took his mouth with hers. No feelings, she told herself. She only wanted the sensation.

Pressed against him, exploring her taste with her tongue inside his mouth, with his rock-hard erection against her belly, Carter felt as though she would burn if she didn’t have him inside her. She broke away. “Condom. Now.”

He nodded and located the wrapper near her foot. He ripped the package open, and she helped him roll it on. He wrapped his arms around her and started to lay her back down, but she stopped him with a hand on his chest. “There’s something you need to know - I don’t like to be held down.”

“I won’t.” He lay on his side, head on the pillow, and she lay beside him, looking into his eyes. He pulled her tight against him, holding her hips. The heat between their bodies was incredible; she felt the sweat pool between her breasts. “Joss, I need to-“

“Oh, god, John, do it.” She closed her eyes and put her leg over his to let him in. They both sighed – this felt natural, but also thrilling. He held her hips tightly, but mostly lay still while she moved against him. She wanted this. After all her nights of dreaming of this moment, she finally had him inside her, filling her, and it felt much better than she’d imagined. His obvious sounds of pleasure only turned her on more, and within minutes she came again. Harder. Longer. She bit her lip to keep from screaming, but was still surprised at the desperate sounds she made.

Laughing softly, he brought his mouth close to her ear. “If I promise not to hold you down, will you let me take over?”

She’d barely managed to get out a “yes” before he pulled away from her, only to pick her up, stand up and set her ass on the headboard. The bed squeaked in protest as she wrapped her legs around him. Both the headboard and her back slammed against the wall, but Carter didn’t mind. She knew what John was capable of when something drew his anger, but tonight his aggression only served her pleasure.

Her pleasure heightened when she opened her eyes, peeked around his shoulder and saw their reflection in the mirror behind the TV. All this time, those dark suits had been hiding that beautiful ass. She watched him grinding into her, legs wrapped around him, feeling each stroke as she watched its reflection.

If only the room had a mirror on the ceiling. She would have loved to watch him kneeling between her thighs, her fingers twisting in his hair while he ate her. Just the thought pushed Carter to the edge again, but as she listened to John’s hard breathing, she wondered if she could make him lose it with her. What would be sweeter than watching Mr. Control Freak lose his mind?

She dug her nails deeper into his back. If only he wasn’t so…oh god…too late. He rode her hard while she came again. She bit her lip so hard, she tasted blood, but still couldn’t keep herself completely quiet.

Her muted screams only seemed to have one effect on John, though. He brought his lips closer to her ear and whispered, “Again, Joss? You really needed it bad, huh?”

“Don’t you?”


“Your turn next.”

Her words did something to him; he groaned loudly and slammed his hand into the wall. A moment later, he pulled them back down to the mattress – leaving her on top, as he promised. She kept her eyes locked onto his as she sat up straight and tried her best to give as good as she got.

She knew his was close from the way he panted and clutched her hips. They were both covered in sweat by now, and his hair was wild. She wanted to savor this accomplishment, but even more, she wanted to watch him come inside her.

He turned his head, but Carter said sternly, “John, look at me.” He turned to her, his eyes wide. She felt his muscles tense underneath her, but wasn’t expecting the raw scream she tore from his throat. She never stopped swinging her hips, never broke eye contact, but broke out in a satisfied, joyful laugh. John’s holler tapered off into a deep laugh, and if Carter wasn’t mistaken, he sounded pretty satisfied, too.

Separating felt unnatural, but she had to let him take the condom off. Carter got under the covers. She wanted to get home to her son, but she had to rest first. As she turned toward the pillow, exhausted, he moved her hair aside and kissed the back of her neck. “No complications,” she reminded him. She must have fallen asleep quickly. When she woke up, he was simply gone.

In case you're wondering what, I imagine, happens next, I refer you to the post titled " which the term 13-inch is thrown about shamelessly." I actually wrote a little bit more after that, which I will share...eventually, I'm sure. As I'm sure you realize, this could not possibly end happily-ever-after. How could a woman ever have a real relationship with an emotionally damaged, essentially soulless CIA killing machine? This is all sex and angst, not romance.

BTW, my Homicide/Scooby Doo crossover doesn't sound so - um, whimsical - when you consider THIS, in which Harold Finch is a young wizard at Hogwarts, being sorted by the sorting hat. Spoiler alert! - Ravenclaw. (I'm a Ravenclaw, too.) I wonder if the hat puts Reese in Slytherin? Dude capped so many people, he could make, like, 1,000 horcruxes and never die. But you know the expression:

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Nice Pic babe.

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