Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sextoys - The Best Way to Present Them to Your Husband or Wife (Guest Post by John Hansen))

Introducing adult toys for your lover can be both awkward and difficult. You may not know how they might react, and you also don't know if they are going to be open to it. Exactly like anything else, when there is no change, things could easily get very boring. So it is perfectly normal for you should you wish to introduce sex toys to your significant other to spice up your romantic endeavors. It is proven that adult toys could really help to spice up to make it more interesting for couples while having sex.

Sure, even though adult toys can open up totally new doors of enjoyment for your partner and you, however, you first must introduce these to your lover, and let him or her know that you would like to use them during your intimate moments with your lover in your bedroom. Getting them to agree to and be open to it is one thing, you should also consider the actual sex toys you intend to introduce to your sex-life. You should choose sextoys that is able to give satisfaction to both parties, but at the same time, do not crush one another's self confidence.
If you wish to start using adult sex toys with your lover, you have to be completely open with them, and begin an honest conversation. A good time is when the both of you are relaxed and comfortable. The best way to start is to ask your lover an open ended question, like how they feel about adult toys. Share how you feel with your companion. Most partners will feel uncomfortable and it could possibly hurt their self esteem, thinking that they may not be good enough to pleasure you. Having said that, you have got to reassure them that it's just to spice your sex up. It's essential to assure your partner that sextoys might help pleasure the both of you, and you should also make sure they know that you aren't questioning their ability to pleasure you. This might be very crushing to one's self esteem, but if you approach this issue the appropriate way, it should be fine. 

After your lover is open to try out adult toys with you, the both of you should decide the sort of sextoys which should be introduced in your bedroom. Search for sextoys together, and choose upon understanding from the both of you. Sex toys could really be fun when added into your sexual routines together with your partner. It could even be the fire starter to light up the burning passion and desire once again. 

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