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WIP Wednesday with author Oliver Frances

Oliver Frances: My book, scheduled to be published on July, is titled THROUGH EXISTENCE, and it is about a man with an exceptional gift as the one of clairvoyance. This uses it in order to possess the woman he loves or desires. So his gift leads him into the corridor of the powers of an oil exporter country -as he is close to the president of the nation he develops a programme for underdeveloped countries. Having all that he hankers for he begins to perceive his downfall along with dreams that relates his past lives as Goya, the famous Spanish painter, and member of Nazi party.

Although he doesn't believe in re-encarnation and doesn´t get the connection between his actual reality and these dreams or nightmares, they describe his relationship with his present partner through previous existences. It makes the reader understand that a cycle is being closed and, still more, when he finds out what true love is like with another woman -a journalist in the present. At a posterior present, the woman for whom he has done everyhting to have her is a black male prisioner in an US jail. And, in this way she purges all her mistakes in her past existences - being there is her karma.

Here is a piece of the book -not edited yet.

It was the same man who had gone through many existences and whose soul was now incarnated a one of youthful appearance. His mind would not be consecrated to Art neither would be to politics. But, with a wondrous gift bestowed on him, he would conduct himself through a political world to attain what he most desired.

Seated in a black-leather-upholstered club chair, Marcio lingered in the Hemingway bar. He thought retrospectively about his own device to achieve a position. In fact, he had come from shadow and had pulled the strings behind for his own benefit. He had taken advantage of the others’ indifference to him, to use it wisely to act incognito.

This man upon whom nobody laid wage dared his world and almost defeated everyone. But at the end, the last act was on him.

As Marcio watched some volumes in the long bookcase, he pondered on all the wisdom enclosed them and had also reasoned about the treasure that represented those written lines by privileged minds –from which he learnt so much.

Those ideas –sometimes poisoning ones- had been a powerful influence over him, so he had thought once more of all his stratagem to climb into a high position –from where he could exercise a quote of power.

His deeds had been the fruit of a Machiavellian mind –the end justified the means. He was determined to succeed and have the woman who obsessed him.

(Retrato de la Marquesa de Santa Cruz, de Francisco de Goya y Lucientes, 1805)

Marcio was the most benefited of the political death of the current president in the past. His own mistakes had dug his tomb (there laid the young man’s advantage). Nobody perceived Raul Menendez’s potentiality. He was aware of it, though. So, when time came for him he moulded the failed man into a presidential candidate.

Raul Menendez’s reputation was mudded since he let the government snatched away the votes of the referendum recall which conceded the victory to opposition –which he led. His countenance of defeat shown on the local television was an image seared on the electors’ mind.

His advisors were at sixes and sevens about fitting him into the political scenario again. It would be hard to take this politician out of the grave. And on top of it, he still proceeded wrongly.

So, Marcio outlined a course of action and introduced it to Nuria Gonz├ílez –Raul Menendez’s close friend. His first and immediate step was to get rid of his circle of advisors. The old wolves had failed but he would not.

His mind absorbed recalled every detail of his deeds that brought himself to prominence. However all it was in the past. The man was completely aware of disgrace would come along. It was destined so that he had to carry out what had been written previously by the Gods. He could not avoid it.

This man’s proposal was focused on creating a new image of the once electable candidate. So, firstly Raul Menendez would turn his invalidation to the regional elections into martyrdom (such a deliberately ban by the judicial system was advantageous –not running for the elections avoided the electors considering the governor post as the only position which he was apt to). Secondly, his image had to be redefined politically (the new Raul Menendez would be a man of all people of the country. For it, he would call on every corner of the country to perceive its reality. But, above all, he would set an emotional link with all the voters of the nation –and not just with the people who elected in the state in which he had postulated in the past).

As Marcio savoured an exquisite champagne reasoned about the laborious part of the entire plan which had been remoulding the image of Raul Menendez -which was enough lousy and not presentable to the exterior; just not to mention the task of assembling and diversifying his speech -specially for the entrepreneur.

All this man had foreseen was right. The regime wiped out the nation’s old leadership, so no any remaining of the past was left. And, when this collapsed there was no one to present to the electors, neither was there anybody who assumed the direction of the country. So Raul Menendez’s time had come. His leadership was identified with the needs of the poor and his verb soothed the uneasiness of the lower stratum of the Venezuelan society –the major one. Therefore, civil society embraced the candidature of the former governor. And, this was elected president.

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