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Exercises to Strengthen the Root Chakra ~ Guest Post by Jill Magso

The root chakra is connected to grounding, wholeness and overall security. It relates to a person’s center which is where inner strength can be found. The root chakra is located at the very end of the spine between the anus and genitals. It can affect many physical and emotional issues such as health, survival and even wealth. There are several ways that the root chakra can be kept healthy and balanced.

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Muscle Contraction

The root chakra can be stimulated by contracting muscles in the anus and genital region for a few minutes each day. While sitting or standing the muscle is contracted inward and then relaxed on exhaling. The muscles can also be contracted during normal walking. 

Connection Strengthening Exercise

One of the primary connections of the root chakra is the feeling of being grounded. An exercise that reinforces this connection and opens the chakra begins by standing up straight yet relaxed with feet shoulder width apart. Bending slightly at the knees, the pelvis is pushed a little forward. The body should be kept balanced so that weight is evenly distributed over the feet. Press downward so that the body weight sinks to the soles of the feet and hold for several minutes. Another variation of this exercise includes rocking the pelvis back and forth while pressing downward.

Centering Exercise

This exercise designed to find the center in order to ground the root chakra and is performed each day for five minutes. It starts the person seeing themselves as the center blossom of an open lotus. Flower petals are seen lying around and begin to rise around the person one by one until they are covered in the petals. The person is in the center of the blossom and light is streaming between the cracks of the petals. The person is absorbed and becomes the lotus bud. The resulting peace and quiet is considered the center. The person stays in their center for a few heartbeats and then lets the blossom slowly unfold, petal by petal.

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Root Chakra Massage

One person can perform a root chakra massage on another in order to release a blocked chakra. The recipient lies on the back with a pillow under the knees. The person who is giving the massage sits to the right. The pelvis is lifted and the giver slides the right hand under the buttocks and gently presses the root chakra point. The recipient breaths and imagines the root chakra color of bright red to release its energy.

Puppet Stance

This yoga position is said to provide balance and to open the root chakra. It begins with standing with the body and head straight as though hanging from the center of the head. The knees are slightly bent and the buttocks are tucked under. With the arms up and breathing in, a connection is made with the sky and starts. Upon breathing out the arms go down and connect the sky with the center of the earth.

Physical Activity

The root chakra can be exercised and balanced by stomping the feet on the ground or marching. Squats are good for balancing the chakra. Dancing is said to be very helpful to grounding and opening the root chakra. Even housework like cooking and cleaning help ground the root chakra because of its connection to physical activity. In the summertime, going barefoot, caring for plants and hugging trees are activities which stimulate the root chakra.

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Meditations for the Root Chakra

Yoga meditation is believed to ground the mind and emotion of each chakra. One meditation used for the root chakra starts with sitting on the floor or in a chair with the legs crossed. The spine is held straight, the shoulders relaxed and the chest is open. The hands are rested on the knees with the palms up. Eyes are lightly closed and breathing is low and deep. Awareness is brought to the location of the root chakra as the muscles are contracted and relaxed repeatedly for 3 to 5 minutes. Another yoga technique used to connect to this chakra begins with touching the tip of the thumbs to the index fingers. Concentration is made on the location of the root chakra in the area between the anus and genitals. The sound LAM is chanted for several minutes.

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I love this post! I work with all the chakras - sometimes in relation to Reiki, sometimes not - and it's important to keep mine in balance, so I can better help those clients who need theirs balanced. :-)