Wednesday, September 12, 2012

More Bad Lit Puns Via Pinterest, and also, The Tumblie Thing I Wish I'd Written

The Bad Lit Puns

So there's this North Carolina girl named Jane Garrity on Pinterest, and she has this board called Nerdy Things. I had to follow it 'cause, you know, I'm a nerdy thing. There, I found these terribly nerdy pins.

When the pigs try to get at you...

(But remember, if you party with Jay Gatsby and you see George Wilson coming, duck.)

He's beautiful in his way, 'cause fin de siecle poet-playwrights make no mistakes. You're on the right track, Oscar - you were born this way.

This one isn't from Jane, but it's a multilingual pun, and that's even better than a single-language pun.

See, 'cause "leer" means "to read" in Spanish.

This Brilliant Tumblie Thing

You know what I wish I'd written? "POI Characters Compared to Greek Gods and Goddesses" by Liz, of the Tumblr blog [more adventurous]. You may notice that, in addition to being Irrelevant, Liz is also kinda obsessed with Jeremy Renner.

(You might also notice that I still haven't learned to stop stalking the shizz outta Tumblr, and especially The Dork Mistress. Seriously, I may have to break down and join just so I can tell the Tumblies how much I appreciate their stuff.)

I could have thought of this; I compared Twilight characters to classical Greek mythological archetypes. (I couldn't find the full article online anymore - it appears to have been published at a website that was subsequently deleted.) But I didn't think of this. Liz did. And it's awesome.

I don't want to steal Liz's thunder, so I'll just share this: Joss Carter is Athena, John Reese is Ares, and the machine is Zeus.

Roman statue of Ares, circa 320 BCE. Public domain image

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