Monday, September 24, 2012

Pinning/OHP! ~ Pulp Shakespeare and More

If it's Monday, it's...

But if it's Wednesday, then it's...

(And if it's Thursday, then I'm plotzing*, because it's not only Amazon Vine swag day, but also the library's used book sale AND the Person of Interest Season 2 premiere night! I almost plotzed just typing that!)

This is what I pinned this week. If I had this typewriter pillow, I bet I'd type in my sleep.

This is my fictional boyfriend Pvt. Bob Witt and a pal (Gooch, maybe? Not sure), being AWOL in the South Pacific, chillin' with some Melanesian folks. I watched The Thin Red Line last week, little realizing (at first) that I was far too hormonal to invest feelings in some fictional characters who were about to die. Now that I've read the novel, when Bead dies in Fife's arms, a little part of me dies, too.

I think the translation of that French quote is "A Polynesian garden, or any garden, is a marvelous thing." Je non comprends pas la francais.

OK, je comprends un peu la francais.

It's now officially autumn, which makes it boot season. Still hung up on Rockin' Mama's boot post from last week's hop, I pinned these mirror-heeled babies.

Pulp Shakespeare, with Queen Elizabeth I (possibly, or a similarly-attired Elizabethan courtier) in place of Uma Thurman. Please tell me you remember Pulp Fiction.

Speaking of pulp things, I think Harold Finch needs this (as a poster) for the Library.

October is coming, and with it, Halloween.

Alice in Wonderland cupcakes.

Finally, a little bibbity-bobbity-street art.

*For those of you who did not have the one Yiddish grandmother, "plotzing" means "exploding." My Yiddishkeit (Jewishness) pops up whenever it wants to. 


Camille said...

I love those Alice in Wonderland cupcakes!!!!

I actually do have a Yiddish grandmother lol. :)

Erin O'Riordan said...

Then you know the joys of having an elder who occasionally lapsed into Yiddish. "Why are you so farpitzed today?"

SimplyHeather said...

The Alice in Wonderland cupcakes look really cool!!

Happy Wednesday!

xoxo Heather

Erin O'Riordan said...

Don't you love them? I pretty much love anything cupcake, but these are extra cool.