Sunday, September 9, 2012

SOC Sunday: Fill in the Blanks About Me

This week's prompt for the 5-minute free write is "I am..." (fill in the blank). I'm kinda cheating and using Jana's structure, filling in my own answers.

I am Erin.
I’m a wife, a daughter, a sister, an aunt and a great-aunt.
I’m naturally quite anxious, but thanks to my PMS meds, it’s pretty hard to get me upset these days.
I’m just like my mother, but nothing at all like my brother.
I’m a cat person. My cat’s name is James, and I sing to him. 
I hate running. I walk instead.
I take a while to get to know, but once I get to know you, I’ve very loyal.
I need my thinking time. I need to just stare off into space and imagine sometimes.
I’m a writer, a reader and a big ol’ book nerd. 


Kenya G. Johnson said...

Love it! And that you for your comment on my post. It gave me goosebumps ;-)

jana said...

I'm loving these lists! They're so easy, but SO very hard!

SouthMainMuse said...

Those last three fit me to a tee. Glad to get to know you a bit.

a.eye said...

Some of my best moments are when I am just staring off into space.

Erin O'Riordan said...

You're welcome, Kenya.

Jana, you're right - they're much harder than they seem!

Thanks to all for dropping by.

Andrea (ace1028) said...

I love this. It's a fabulous way to get to know one another. :) Thanks for sharing some of yourself. I love cats, too, but I love dogs, as well. :) We have 4 + 2, so yeah, we're set!