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Tales of an Animal Communicator - Master Teachers: book review by Carol Upton

Tales of an Animal Communicator
Master Teachers

by Nancy A. Kaiser
Soft Cover, 2011, $16.95
Also available as an e-book
ISBN: 9-781-61364-586-4
Available on Amazon or

Reviewed by Carol M. Upton

My hope for this book is that its characters and their tales will cause you to view your own animals with new eyes and with a new perspective about their significance to your life. Remember, they’ve answered your soul’s cries for help. So why not let them help?
~ Nancy A. Kaiser

In this first book of a series, Nancy A. Kaiser draws on her extensive experience to share her personal journey and anecdotes about the animals she has encountered along the way. The result is a spiritually uplifting book that inspires all who truly care about animals or are drawn to the world of interspecies communication.

Kaiser had imaginary conversations with animals as a child. In her adult work as a veterinary assistant, the animals she treated helped her realize that telepathic communicating was possible. She was guided to experiences that would develop her abilities and lead her to embrace her destiny – to help heal the human-animal bond.

We are introduced to Love, an exceptional filly born with curvature of the spine. Although she couldn’t stay on earth for long, Love’s story is one of unlimited possibility. Ongoing paths to transformation are provided by the myriad of Kaiser’s dogs and cats. There are other horses - Squiggles and her first foal, Dash, who later needed two surgeries, and Stormy, who offers powerful lessons of his own during training. Each chapter leaves a lasting impact on the reader’s heart.

Kaiser’s writing style is clear and compassionate. She includes vivid descriptions of her communications with animals – conversations that reveal their love, their fears, and their preferences. There is a companion CD or MP3 download to the book, entitled Gifts From the Universe, which contains the two releasing processes that form the final chapter of the book.

While the circumstances of Kaiser’s life form a fascinating backdrop for these tales, it is the animals themselves who are the real stars. They provide perspective and true partnership, if their humans are willing to receive what they offer to teach. Reading this book is the place to start that exploration. It will definitely introduce fresh dimensions for animal lovers everywhere.

Nancy A. Kaiser lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina with her two Labs and Swedish Warmblood horse, where she operates Just Ask Communications. Nancy is an ordained minister in the Universal Brotherhood Movement and works as a spiritual liaison for animals and their human companions, offering consultations via phone, email, Skype, or in person.

Photo taken by Seth Zeigler at the Nokota Horse Conservancy, Linton, North Dakota

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Shah Wharton said...

Book sounds interesting and I think it will do well if it makes other see their animals or any animals as more than things. Animal cruelty is rife and largely unpunished which appals me.

Nora Peevy said...

This sounds great. I do believe we can communicate with our pets. We just have to listen to them. They talk all the time! LOL

Sorry I've been AWOL. I took a bad spill in the shower right after the new year and it's been a hassle. :P

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Good luck!