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'Spirit of the Horse: The New Myths of Equus' reviewed by Carol Upton

Forgive me for being a total 8-year-old girl for a moment, but is this not the most beautiful book cover you've seen all day? I'm a little biased, though. I wasn't raised around horses myself, being a city gal, but my grandfather's brother is a rancher. My father is a horseman, and though he lives in the city too he volunteers every week at Reins of Life, the nonprofit therapeutic horseback riding organization. He was once quoted in a magazine article as saying, "I love that place; horses are my own personal therapy. I learn something new every day and I'm challenged. Horses are so smart. They can even figure out how to open gates." ~Erin

Spirit of the Horse
The New Myths of Equus

Carole Devereux
Windhorse Press
Soft Cover, 2010, $24.00 U.S.
ISBN: 978-1-884422-24-9
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Reviewed by Carol M. Upton:

Animals have the capacity and the power to expand their minds into extraordinary states of consciousness.  My horses have often shown their otherworldly journeys into The Dreamtime to me.  Buddy once told me that he can "feel" the hoof beats of his species running all over the Earth. ~ Carole Devereux

This graceful and timely book takes us on a transformational journey like no other, to the mystic world where the spirit of the horse resides. Carole Devereux introduces a rich language for concepts we may have felt while working with horses, but have been unable to articulate.

Animal-lovers know they can communicate, to one degree or another, with their animals, and there have been many books written on this subject. Devereux guides us beyond that familiar landscape, advancing our understanding of equine perspective and unlocking the endless possibilities present when we truly listen to what horses are saying.

Spirit of the Horse examines the early life of horses, from Eohippus through the Stone Age, and the ancient relationships horses had with human beings. Devereux reminds us that historically, we depended on communion with animals in order to live, much of that wisdom forgotten as we began to exploit resources and work within a paradigm known as “dominion over the earth”. Today, we are moving back to the lessons of nature, and animals, particularly horses, are here to help.

These lessons are evident in the hidden treasures of equus mythology as narrated by Devereux’s horses Buddy and Ellie. Through the myths, we begin to feel the emotional and spiritual impact of horses on our lives. Now, a series of guided visualizations gently assists us to explore our own stories of connection, truth, and healing.

One of the most revealing chapters covers the Yogic system of India, discussing how Yogic practices can help both horse and rider unite body and mind in their work together. We may already know that horses are experts at reading energy, but how do we use this knowledge in our riding? The answers are here.

Spirit of the Horse
demonstrates that horses can tell us much more than we have dreamed and can lead us along paths of continuous spiritual growth. Reading it stirs us emotionally, significantly uplifts our souls, and leaves us hungry for more.

Carole Devereux is an internationally known Animal Communicator, spiritual life coach and teacher. She has more than fifteen years experience counseling thousands of people and their animals across North America and Europe. Visit Carole at and learn more about Spirit of the Horse at:

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Vamchoir said...

I saw an interview with Portia De Rossi (Elen Degeneres' wife) where she said her horse saved her life and gave her a reason to live. She has a book out now that talks about it.

You're right - animals are quite often much more intelligent than we give them credit for being. Even those who might not be intellectually our equal are sometimes emotionally superior.