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WIP Wednesday with Teri Louise Kelly and Jesse V. Coffey

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Erin O'Riordan: "Pucked" is out in Erotica, Volume 3: Four Hot New Tales of Desire, edited by Barbara Cardy. This sizzling brand-new short was inspired by A Midsummer Night's Dream. It's available on, too, but here in the U.S. the Kindle price is only $1.38!

Teri Louise Kelly: Journey to the Start of a Trilogy

It didn’t start that way.

It started as an idea several years ago about a serial killer called the Toolman. He was a hardware nut, killed people with nail guns and hammer drills, got himself wrapped up in torque. It was written as a short story, won an award I seem to recall. Then I left him there and went onto St Angelinas, an island – I had this thing about island life, it’s insular lifestyle and tainted bloodlines. Paganism, I wanted them to have burned blasphemers along a cliff headland – Bonfyre Night on St Angelinas, it was a big tourist drawcard. Dumped that too after sixty pages, moved to memoir, and then these past two-years I wrote a Spec Fiction entitled Cultivores (Released Dec 15), about life after a climate atrocity and I used both the Toolman and St Angelinas in it.

Which took me right back to the island and the two characters I’d left there years ago, Boogie Cane and Dana De Lalley, drunk journo and new-to-island homicide cop. Re-titled Pretey Deyde Gyrls (after the island’s hatred of the letter “I”) I’m reacquainting myself with mysterious deaths and weathermen who read poetry . . . it’s odd, but sometimes going back is better than going forward . . . and anyhow, how do you catch a killer that might not even physically exist? I love island life . . .

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Jesse V. Coffey: When I wrote the first book in the Brothers Cameron series, I had no intention of making it into a series. I really had no intention of writing a romance novel, but it certainly became one quickly. But to write more than one book? Never crossed my mind. Until I started describing the original story to a friend, and in the telling, one book led to another and the adventures in that book. Which led to another and the adventures there. I realized -- wow, I had a series. Three books, to be certain, but still a series. And now, several years after writing An Opportunity for Resentment, I slip back into this world of mine with amazing ease.

A Crooked Rainbow Trail picks up about four months after the end of Opportunity. Stephan and Jessica are still very much in love and plan to wed, but Stephan is dragging his heels in calling the banns. William has wed his beloved Mary and become the town patron in the place of his deceased father, but he'd rather be breeding horses and spending his days as a gentleman farmer. Old enemies resurface from book one and make their way into book two. Jessica's former love, Robin St. Thomas, finds out that her father's will states that she must marry within the six month after the man's death or she will lose everything. He's strapped for cash and will do anything to get his hands on her and her fortune. William's nemesis, the Irish mercenary/assassin Cieran Morris, wants revenge and he's willing to do whatever it takes to kill his enemy. So many lives will be thrown into turmoil...and death is around the corner.

Back into my world, writing this story has become a labor of love for me. I hope it pleases those who read the books. While you wait for this one, The Brothers Cameron: An Opportunity for Resentment is available on, Barnes and, and iTunes/iBookstore, along with any online bookstore that sells ebooks. A Crooked Rainbow Trail will be released in 2012, along with book three, A Wild Heart.

The way things are going, a fourth book -- as yet untitled -- will be out in 2013. I hope you'll read along.

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