Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Winner of the Pagan Spirits CoffinHop Giveaway

Thank you, Julie Jansen and Axel Howerton, for allowing me to participate in the CoffinHop '11. It was a blast! I met so many cool horror and paranormal authors. I didn't even know that horror poetry was a genre, but it is! The CoffinHop made my Halloween season and gave me some great nightmares.

With the help of Random.org, I have selected a winner. Drum roll, please:

Lizzy Ford of Guerrilla Wordfare

Now, for a chance to win a box of paperbacks from me, plus books and book-related swag from other bloggers, please join me at the Thanks for the Books Hop, November 1-14. Read the Pagan Spirits contest rules HERE.

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