Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WIP Wednesday with R.G. Porter

Erin O'Riordan: As I shared last week, the project I'm working on right now is the Sex Tales From West County series with Ken Charles.

Between the time I finish that one and January 31st, I'll be making edits to my short story "Sheep Shifter," in which an adult Alice returns to Wonderland with the help of Carl Jung, discovers a new ability and frees herself to explore her darkest desires. This one does not yet have a definite home.

I'll then be working on another as-yet-unclaimed piece of work, my submission to Melange Books' "Having My Baby" anthology. I'll be dusting off an old, but previous unpublished, short story, adding another thousand words or two to what, at the moment, is a rather brief narrative.

My next priority will be editing a short story called "Aftercare." Its destination is a Breathless Press m/m anthology called Ad-dick-tion Volume 2. It's the continuing story of lovers Maggie, Max and Joey, a triad I introduced in "Post Op," published in Indecent Encounters. The final editorial due date on this one is March 30th.

Then I can begin writing my alternative-history vampire tale for submission to the anthology tentatively titled Vampyres: A History Written in Blood. At the moment, I expect the historical vampire I'm going to turn into a vampire is Bessie Smith. She will be scheming to get a meeting with George Gershwin.

R. G. Porter: The call of the night drove her to find the truth…

As the darkness continues to crouch upon the lands, Danicayne's nightmares increase. Her visions of the future can't be denied and soon she finds she must leave the safety of her family and find the ones who are lost. It is their past that must be unraveled before the evil consumes the world.

Forced out by the only people he's known, Terrian finds himself on the hunt for the truth of his origin. Accidents and memories haunt him and uncontrolled outbursts of flame and ice are only the beginning of his problems. On the hunt to find out who he is, he awakens more than just what's been forgotten. He finds a mirror image of himself, as well the final key to end the darkness that threatens to engulf the world.

Two paths drawn together by a divine past and a specific purpose - to join the circle that will vanquish the evil once and for all…

Or perish trying.

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