Monday, December 9, 2013

Manday Hotties Blog Hop #2: Tom Daley

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Tom Daley, a medal-winning Olympic diver for the U.K., was the talk of the Internet last week after his Youtube video in which he came out of the closet as bisexual, saying he fancies women and is currently dating a guy.

Because the Internet is, alas, home to an enormous collection of dickheads, he was forced to endure a barrage of homophobic and biphobic comments on social media. (He got a lot of supportive comments, too. Some of those were from me.) But forget about the insecure jerks, and let's celebrate the glory that is Tom Daley.

He does have a beautiful smile, but my eyes can't stay away from his happy trail...

I dig his Olympic rings tattoo.

Is it me, or is this pool all the colors of the bisexual flag: pink, blue, and purple?

It's not easy for an athlete to come out with a queer sexuality. I salute Tom Daley for his bravery in the sports world, and also for those abs and hipbones that could be hazardously distracting to male and female alike.

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