Thursday, December 5, 2013

Guest Post: Is It Possible to Reunite After a Breakup? by Paul Smith #Relationships

It is always a hard thing to save the relationships when there is a critical stage of them. The first thing you shouldn’t do is to let your emotions to control you. Try to be calm and assess the situation from outside. If the breakup is inevitable, think whether you want to reunite with your significant other. You should wait some time, don’t call him/her – it is the wrong decision if you think this is the best first step you can take. Otherwise, you, being still in a heated state of thoughts, can say the wrong things – I think it is not a good idea.

If the time passes, and you still want to reunite with your boyfriend/girlfriend, then take into consideration the advice expressed below.

Reuniting after the breakup can be the most awful or the most joyful experience in your life – it is up to you to decide. The one thing you should realize is whether your intentions are serious. If so, then don’t call your ex and beg for the reuniting – it is the wrong way out. Staying at home for the whole day, eating the ice-cream, watching romantic movies and crying is not a good decision either. The way to reuniting should be planned; you should have some strategy to help your relationships exist in a new, exciting way. So, I propose to you several steps to be taken to achieve the wanted result.

Control your emotions

Analyze what have happened and why it is happened. You should accept the break up with all the unpleasant feelings it has caused – it is a necessary thing for your recovering from a break. You can think over the reasons why that everything had place in your relationships and what to do now. At this stage you can think about those couples that have already reunited. Love is a magic thing – it is able to forgive everything. Very often we forgive cheating, betrayal and other most stupid and hurtful things because we are in love. And if you want your ex to come back you shouldn’t claim that it is only his/her fault – the breakup is always caused by the both partners.

Give your ex spare time and space

Stop calling and sending text messages – it won’t make you good. Besides, remember about the power of the word – it can give life or lead to the death. Talking to your ex after a break, you can unconsciously say the wrong thing, deceive your significant other and compound the existing situation. Think over it – how can your partner miss you if you keep surrounding him by your presence? Give spare time to realize the situation and consequences and give him/her the possibility to come to the same conclusion as you do.

Be honest with your ex

After the mentioned above steps have been taken, and both of you start talking about the reuniting, don’t blindly apologize for all the wrong things in your relationships and don’t promise that everything will be different this time. It won’t solve the problems, and, as a result, you will return to the same state of things. The problem should be solved, both of you should admit the mistakes and try to behave in a different way. You should understand that the successful reuniting is a new wave in your relationships, the new way of your living, new experience and the new attitude to your significant other. Treat him/her with respect and honesty, accept all the pretensions and avoid conflicts. The relationships mean a lot of efforts from both sides, and you won’t change anything to better them – be ready to survive one more breakup.

Making up a conclusion, I want to say, that the key to success in reuniting after a break is a mutual desire for it. If the intention is unilateral, there won’t be any success. You will just spoil the possible friendship and make an impression of annoying person forever. Take everything into account, make sure that there are some favorable moments for reuniting and then act. Be consistent, confident and responsible – the effect depends upon your great desire and needed possibilities.

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