Friday, July 5, 2013

#Paranormal #ChickLit #BookReview : 'The Devil's In the Details' by Kimberly Raye

I have a serious problem with this cute, quirky paranormal chick lit novel - it's not even officially out until October 8, 2013, but I need the sequel right now. Thanks to Jackie Kessler's Hell's Belles, I love a PNR with a plucky succubus heroine, and Jessie (Jezebel) Damon fits the mold.

Jessie is the daughter of Satan herself. Satan is the daughter of the original fallen angel who rebelled against God. He's the king of Hell, but he spawned four princesses. Satan's sisters are Jessie's Aunt Bella (a.k.a. Belial), Aunt Levita (a.k.a. Levithan), and Aunt Lucy (a.k.a Lucifer). The four princess-demons rarely get along and would rather decapitate and disembowel hapless humans than wear white gowns.

This is the pretty cover that will be on the final version.

Satan, whose earthly name is Lillith Damon, goes out of the way to irritate her sisters with her wedding plans. Makes sense - their dad has declared that whichever sister gets married first will take over from him.

Jessie finds herself planning her mom's impending wedding. The problem is, a superhot demon slayer named Cutter Owens is gunning for dear old mom, and despite her promise to herself to stay on the straight-and-narrow and abandon her succubus ways, Jessie feels an undeniable attraction to him.

Actually, Cutter only wants to use Lillith to get to a demon named Azazel. Azazel stole Cutter Owens' soul, so Jessie and Cutter strike a deal - he won't slay Lillith and ruin her wedding if Jessie agrees to help him find Azazel. Cutter doesn't know Lillith and Jessie are mother and daughter.

The ARC isn't as pretty as the final cover will be.

Meanwhile, Jessie is being stalked by an unknown demonic entity. She suspects her Aunt Bella - the least modernized of the four princesses of Hell, still known to live in a cave. Even though she's technically immortal, dying in the human body she currently possesses would send Jessie back to Hell, where she would have to wait in a long line before she could get back in another human body.

I had a minor panic when I realized there weren't enough pages left in the book for the Jessie-Cutter storyline to resolve itself, which is why I need the second book, The Devil Made Me Do It, right now, please.

I haven't read any of Kimberly Raye's other books. I know she wrote the Dead End Dating series, because my mom read it. She also wrote a vampire/cowboy series for Harlequin Blaze. Based on this one, I'd definitely read Kimberly Raye again.

I received an uncorrected proof of this book free through the Amazon Vine program in exchange for a fair, honest review, which represents my own honest opinion. I do not receive any other kind of compensation for these reviews.


Trish said...

this actually sounds pretty interesting and the fact that you want/need the second book grabs my attention. good review.

Erin O'Riordan said...

Thanks, Trish. This was a fun one to read.