Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Oh How Pinteresting! Fantasy Shopping Cart

I won't be around much today; my husband is having surgery on his arm in the late morning. He's getting a fistula, an arm vein that will have an arterial blood flow, which is used for hemodialysis. He doesn't need dialysis yet, but he has been put on the kidney transplant list, and his kidney function is getting close to the point when his nephrologist will want him to go on dialysis - if he doesn't get a donor kidney first.

I'm hoping we can go straight to transplant without dialysis, because any time on dialysis lessens the long-term survival rate. (There are people who live 20 years or more after starting dialysis, but the overall curve isn't as good.) The nephrologist still wants to go ahead and have the vascular surgeon do the fistula surgery, because if the hubster would suddenly need dialysis now, they'd have to create a dialysis port in his neck, and that has a higher risk of infection than when there's a fistula available.

If you have any good, cheerful stories about people who do well with kidney transplants - or with any donated organs, really - please go ahead and share them. Personally, I think the anti-rejection medicine is going to be the worst part, because it can't be ideal to suppress your immune system for the whole rest of your life.

So while I'm having a stressful day, please enjoy these cheerful style pins. The source for all of these is MyHabit. It's a virtual department store that sells clothes and accessories for men, women and children, and it also sells housewares.

I am an affiliate, so if you click through this link:

...or the banner at the bottom of my blog and you buy something, I do get a small commission. I don't believe I've ever actually sold anything yet, but I have to say that in the interest of full disclosure. To be honest, the only reason I visit MyHabit is to make a fantasy shopping cart on Pinterest. I never buy anything designer, but I still love to look!

I love Keith Haring's art. I remember reading a published version of his journals and thinking how brilliant he was. It's so sad the artist died so young.

I don't have an iPhone 4, but maybe one of these days I'll find a really cool skin for my Nook.

Some wall art:

...with matching shoes, of course!

It's a relief to actually write a "normal" blog post after two days of folkloric strangeness. These are all my personal style; what goes in your fantasy shopping cart?

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Erin O'Riordan said...

Tit Elingtin's surgery went fine. He's resting today. His arm is very sore, but he seems to be fine otherwise.