Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Weekly Faves Link-Up: Song Crush, Book Crush, TV Crush

Song I Can't Stop Listening To:

(Yes, still. I don't get a new favorite song that often.)

Book I'm Loving:

...Lover At Last by J.R. Ward. I'm 200 pages in and having so many feels over Qhuinn (he of the heterochromia iridum - one blue eye, one green eye) and Blaylock.

TV I Can't Stop Watching:

Person of Interest season finale is tonight, and I am so scared. Last year it was an entire summer of, "What is Root going to do to Finch?" Now Finch is reluctantly taking help from Root, but I fear it's going to be an entire summer of, "What is HR going to do to Joss Carter?"

Last week's episode made it look like they were setting her up like they set up Mike Szymanski - and Szymanski got murdered. If anything happens to Carter...I cannot even.

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