Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Oh How Pinteresting: The Best of My "Vampires" Pinterest Board

After reading Lover At Last and Dead Ever After, I'm ready for Season 6 of True Blood and very much in a vampire mood. Please enjoy the best of my pin board "Vampires."

This is an affiliate link:

The First Bite Is the Deepest by Elisa Catrina. $2.99 from “Funny and clever and emotionally hard-hitting” "A perfectly creepy read." Elisa Catrina's debut novel begins as a quirky send-up of vampire romance, but quickly turns sinister. High schooler Stella Ortiz starts dating the mysterious new guy, but her friends are convinced he's bad news: Sebastian misses tons of school, he day-drinks something that smells like pennies, and oh yeah, he's a vampire.

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