Sunday, May 19, 2013

New Essays From Peg Tittle: 'No End to Shit That Pisses Me Off'

War rape, profit, baby androids, tax exemptions for churches, make-up, having kids, assisted suicide, abortion, grades inflation, littering, business ethics…

Canadian popular philosopher Peg Tittle is back with a fourth volume in her thought-provoking series of rhetorical questions and answers. Volume three, Still More Shit That Pisses Me Off, tackled pregnant men, paying stay-at-home moms, advertising, income tax deductions, people skills, boy books, speech codes, porn, god, testicular battery and tranquilizer guns, the Academy Awards, intelligent design and evolution.

You may have read Tittle's essay "What's Wrong With Mr. and Ms.?" here at Pagan Spirits. In it, she addressed the issues associated with using gendered language as part of a person's formal address of title, which is essentially part of person's name. This essay appears in Tittle's original book Shit That Pisses Me Off. You can also read about her second book here

"Philosophy with an attitude. Because the unexamined life is dangerous."

Available for $1.99 in various e-formats:

She has written Critical Thinking: An Appeal to Reason (Routledge, 2011), What If…Collected Thought Experiments in Philosophy (Longman, 2005), ShouldParents be Licensed? Debating the Issues (Prometheus, 2004), Ethical Issues in Business: Inquiries, Cases, and Readings (Broadview, 2000). She also contributed the Ethics unit to the high school philosophy text, Philosophy: Questions and Theories (McGraw-Hill Ryerson, 2003). Her papers have appeared in Free Inquiry, Sexuality & Culture: an interdisciplinary journal, The International Journal of Applied Philosophy, and Philosophy in a Contemporary World and have been anthologized in At Issue: Is Parenthood a Right or a Privilege? and Current Controversies: Child Abuse.

She was a columnist for The Philosopher Magazine’s online philosophy cafĂ© for eight years and for Philosophy Now for two years. Her columns have also been published and posted in and at the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies website,, Humanist in Canada , Links, Academic Exchange Quarterly, Inroads, The Nugget, Canadian HR Reporter, Elenchus, Teaching and Learning Literature, University Affairs, South Australian Humanist Post, Forum, and The Humanist.

She has served on the ethics committee of the North Bay General Hospital and has had a number of positions in the education, social services, and recreation fields. She has also worked in maintenance and as a disc jockey.

From TeachPhilosophy's 10 Definitions of Critical Thinking:Judicious reasoning about what to believe and, therefore, what to do (Peg Tittle).”

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