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Sunday, May 6, 2012

SOC Sunday: I Am Curious About You

It's Sunday, which means it's time to link up with AllThingsFadra for Stream of Consciousness Sunday. This is a 5-minute free-write, mistakes and all. This week's optional prompt:

Are you a people person? Do you feel energized or drained around people? What are some of your favorite types of encounters or tell me a story of one!

I'm not anti-people, but I am a little shy. I suppose I must be the stereotypical writer; I communicate best behind my keyboard, not face-to-face. I guess that's why I get so easily addicted to social media - a way to communicate and interact without actually putting myself out there!

Because I want to meet other people. I really do. I'm interested in whta other people are doing. I want to know what kind of music you're listening to. Tell me about the last great movie you say, or what your grandchildren are doing. My curiousity is genuine.

I don't care that much about American football, though. I'm not that curious how your favorite team or player is doing.

Five minutes is up, so I'll just say this: who saw the supermoon last night?


Kenya G. Johnson said...

We had super thunderstorms last night. This morning is still cloudy and yuck. Let's see the last movie I saw is always a kid one. Geez. But it was cute. We rented We Bought a Zoo with Matt Damon.

ash @paperheart12 said...

good morning! i had my first date night in months last night and we went to see the Avengers. Im not a huge super hero movie fan girl, but this movie kept me entertained. just enough witty banter to make me laugh and enough back story so i wasnt completely confused (although i had never heard of 2 characters at all). but there were blue margaritas during the show, so momma was happy. the best part may have been that my infant was good with his sitter for the night. yeah! i see more date nights in my future. music? i always recommend Matt Nathanson as something different. check out the Modern Love album, especially Run.

SweetMarie83 said...

We sound a lot alike! I'm very shy, kind of withdrawn, live in my own little world (another writer here), but that's why I love being online. I have a curiosity and fascination with peoples' lives, and I get to be as involved or separate as I want. I did see the supermoon last night, it made me wish I had a telescope because it looked the same to me! They said it would look biggest as the horizon though, and since I live in the city I don't get to see it rising.

a.eye said...

We are alike in this people-person way. I had Saturday off for the first time since the first week of March. I didn't do too many super fun things, though the extra sleep and being able to run errands were fun. I just moved into an apartment from a house and love it so much more than the house.

nicole said...

lol. i saw the super moon, but only from indoors. i was shy growing up, but i'm much less so now. still communicate best in writing, but i think my in person speaking is catching up...