Saturday, December 17, 2011

Review of 'The Package' by Nobilis Reed

Many elements of this brief, but thoroughly enjoyable, short piece of erotic fiction by Nobilis Reed make it read like the perfect fantasy. There's the element of mystery - who is the masked lover? Is the masked lover a man or a woman? It's not a scary kind of suspense; we're sure the narrator, known as Rose Tattoo, is safe and playing willingly. It's the kind of suspense that keeps the reader on the edge of her seat, eager for what comes next.

The surprises that await Rose Tattoo are the other delightful elements, and they lead to a satisfying (literary) climax. At the low price of this e-book (as of this writing, $0.99), no one will be disappointed they took the time to read this one.

This book is also available on Smashwords.

You can find Nobilis Reed at his website, Nobilis Erotica.

Image: Markbritton

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