Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Hanukkah Hotness, Night 6: Winona Ryder

What is it about you Jews from Minnesota and changing your names? Bob Zimmerman wants everybody to call him Bob Dylan, and Winona Horowitz is much more famously known as Winona Ryder.

Winona Ryder has:

-Played Mina Murray-Harker in the Francis Ford Coppola Dracula

-Been featured on my all-time favorite episode of my all-time favorite show, the "Lisa's Rival" episode of The Simpsons

-Inspired an essay in The Bust Guide to the New Girl Order, one of the greatest books known to girlkind

-Caused Johnny Depp to get a tattoo that said "Winona Forever." When they broke up, he had it altered to say "Wino Forever."

-Not only starred as Jo in Little Women, but did so opposite Christian Bale as Laurie. She introduced Bale to his wife, makeup artist Sandra "Sibi" Blazic, and so could even be considered an honorary member of the Steinem-Bale family.

-Been featured several times now on Gender Fuck Thursdays at Dorothy Surrenders. In other words, she's shown a distinct preference for dressing in the clothing of the male sex

In other words, she is not only one hot Yiddish mama, she's also an integral part of girl culture. Winona, I'm sorry I bumped from my list of the 10 people with whom I'd most like to drink wine. Forget Colin Firth. He's gone. You can have your spot back.

Join me HERE on December 28th for a special Hanukkah post and giveaway.

Photo by Eric Weiss, Creative Commons License. Not the Houdini one, though - his name was spelled Erik Weisz

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