Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Snippets from the Writer's Desk

1. Shopping at Barnes and Noble yesterday, I spotted a copy of The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 9 on the shelf. The book's been out since 2010, but I still get excited whenever I see a book with one of my short stories in it on the shelves of a brick-and-mortar book shop.

2. Gayle Pace at the Books, Reviews, Etc. blog wrote a nice review of the revised version of Beltane by me and Tit Elingtin.

Read Gayle's review here. Get your new-and-improved Beltane here.

3. Beltane is Book 1 in the Pagan Spirits Trilogy. Want a chance to win Book 2, Midsummer Night? The Goodreads giveaway is going on through March 26th.

4. It's been officially confirmed that my zombie survivor tale "Wild Ones" will definitely be included in Cleis Press's 2015 anthology of zombie-related erotica Love, Lust and Zombies!

I haven't seen any cover art for it yet.

5. Finally, speaking of anthologies with an Erin O'Riordan short story inside them, it's recently come to my attention that the anthology Happy Endings, edited by Selena Kitt, has a newer and better cover.

This was the old cover. I never loved it. I mean, it's kinda cute, but basically, it's a butt.

I'm a lot happier with the new cover, as found on Amazon:

Much prettier. This anthology contains my m/m short romance "Bat Mitzvah."

Stay tuned tomorrow for a St. Patrick's Day-themed entry into the Manday Hotties Hop.

This is an affiliate link:

Till Zombies Do Us Part by Celeste Ayers. $0.99 from
Noah and Amy are two teens in love. There is however one problem; the world as they know it was turned into nothing but a pile of chaos and zombies. As they battle for survival they’ll embark on a journey into the unknown while facing new trials that will put both their love for each other and their humanity to the ultimate test. Just how far will they be willing to go?

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