Monday, March 3, 2014

#Horror Book Review: Sunshine Boulevard by J.Q. Rose

Once upon a time, many years ago (Halloween 2011, to be exact), I took part in a Halloween blog hop. I won a prize from author J.Q. Rose, and that prize was an e-book copy of the horror novella Sunshine Boulevard, set in a gated retirement community in St. Augustine, Florida. It took me a shamefully long time to do so, but I finally got around to reading it on my Nook.

I'm so glad I did.

The book starts out with a mystery - what's killing the seniors in a most unusual fashion? Some form of spontaneous human combustion? Aliens? Or some kind of deadly new critter?

The novella contains a good amount of snarky but good-natured humor in addition to the mystery and body horror. It was a fast, fun, easy read. It reminded me of one other book I read before in the same horror subgenre, but alas, to name what that subgenre is would spoil the mystery. Best to just read it for yourself, if you're any kind of a comedy/mystery/horror fan.

Sunshine Boulevard on Goodreads

J.Q. Rose's author website

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