Monday, February 24, 2014

Manday Hotties #4 - Vampire Academy Edition

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Happy MonManday! If you like, you can read my review of the Vampire Academy movie based on the Richelle Mead series here. In the meantime, enjoy the movie's male stars.

In the color photo, you can see that Dominic Sherwood has heterochromia iridum, or eyes that are two different colors. And it's beautiful.

I would also like Danila Kozlovsky to play Vlad in the movie versions of Beltane and Midsummer Night, please.

If you think for a moment that Gabriel Byrne being 63 years old - two years older than my dad, even - prevents me from having a crush on him, you would be wrong. He will never be too old for me to crush on, but will remain on my perma-lust list along with Helen Mirren, Susan Sarandon, and Sir Ian McKellan.

In fact, I think my St. Patrick's Day post this year will be nothing but Gabriel Byrne.

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