Thursday, February 6, 2014

Long-Distance Relationships: What to Do and How to Withstand it

Guest post by Melisa Marzett

LDR (Long-distance relationships) is a term that describes an intimate relationship when the partners are separated from each other by a distance.

Have you ever imagined that our planet has 7.046 billion citizens? And every man has his own character, his appearance, and his thoughts. And only one of them is your soulmate. This person can be everywhere, the life is not an easy one, and your “perfect partner” will not live in the house next to yours.

Today social media services help us a lot in out relationships. Even if our relatives, friends or our love are far away, we can speak with them, see them with the help of different programs, and hope that we’ll meet them soon.

Of course all the intimacy is conveyed in a rapid text exchange and it will never compare to the feelings of closeness. And sometimes the romance starts to totter. The main problem of such relationships is waiting. You’re waiting all the time for the call, for the letter or simply for the online status. It’s time to exploit the power of social media to the utmost!

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks. It can be the great way to help sustain your relationships. Photos and status updates can make you feel that you’re nearby, when you’re far away. There are also a lot of people there, and you can find everyone. May be you know only the name of the person you’ve met and you’d like to keep your connections with him. So the Facebook will help you.

Pinterest. Some people can say that this site can’t connect people. But it‘s a really great way to find creative and interesting solutions to make your relationships more exciting. This service helps to make your relationship more intimate and personal. That inspires and makes you closer to each other.

Different phone apps. Of course not all the apps were made for lovers. But there are a few you can try out. You can begin from Avocado application. You can show your love to the partner by sending him “kisses” and “hugs,” pictures you can draw, this program also allows making the list of events and it even has a function of an automatic countdown for your anniversary.

Blogs are the great way to understand each other better. If your love has a blog with personal thoughts and art works you can know almost everything about him. He can tell you that everything’s all right, may be with a view not to make you sad, but in any case you can support him if you understand that something goes wrong.

Some people make dates over Skype. Others prefer to play games together and even create a weekly game night and play all night together. Some couples send each other voice notes to let them know that they’re thinking of each other. There are so many ways to show your love, so be creative and it’ll bring you closer as a couple making you feel together all the time.


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