Friday, January 24, 2014

Who Needs Flowers and Candy When You've Got Books? #ValentinesDay

The poet Virgil wrote, "Omnia vincit amor," but to the bookwormishly inclined, that phrase should probably be modified to, "Omnia vincit libris." Now through February 14, you can show your love for books by saving 14% on your selections from to celebrate the feast of Lupercalia in the month of Juno Februata. 

Say, have I ever mentioned that I have a book published through Why, you could use your 14% discount to save on the crime thriller The Smell of Gas. You can find it on Lulu in paperback and e-book. Its short, gritty vignettes that all dovetail together in the end have been compared to Pulp Fiction

If crime fiction isn't your kind of thing, how about a collection of short stories? Try Hearts of Tomorrow, an anthology featuring me, plus Phil Geusz, Mysti Parker (hers has dark elves and other Norse mythology!), and S.S. Hampton. My contribution is "Melusine's Secret," a gender-bending, erotic take on the classic French fairy tale of Melusine. You can read an excerpt here.

Hearts of Tomorrow is available on Lulu in paperback and e-book.

If you want to get your sweetie a custom-written short romance, see this post.

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