Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow Day! Reading 'The Ringmaster's Daughter'

Snow day! I'm trapped in the house by bitterly cold weather - which is excellent, because it means all I have to do today is edit the latest edition of my novel Midsummer Night, book two in the Pagan Spirits trilogy.

My editor, Dara, said the following about Midsummer Night:

"It was a good read. It has a nice flow and it isn't overwhelmed by too much sex and not enough story. As you know it is easy to go from erotica to porn but you keep a nice balance. I find myself interested in the storyline and not just waiting for the next sexual experience. Very well done. I was a bit disappointed that Priya wasn't mauled by pit bulls or hit with a falling meteor...what a bitch. Great character."

The first book in the series, Beltane, has been receiving some nice reviews on Amazon.co.uk.

If I finish that and spend a little time working on the historical romance short story I'm ghostwriting, I may even have time to read more of Grace Elliot's utterly charming romance novel The Ringmaster's Daughter, which currently has me enchanted.

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