Thursday, January 16, 2014

What You Shouldn’t Do if You Love Somebody - Guest Post

Love will die if somebody betrays it. It can be lost if somebody hurt it by indifference and cruelty.
What kills love in marriage
You meet when you both have time for it. Your relations get on such way, that you always have time for communication and intimacy. Everyone thinks that his beloved person is the most important one in the world. But when you start live together your feelings will put to different tests. “Suddenly” you will see that your dear gave parents, friends, job, hobbies and affections. Of course you heard about them before, but now all husband’s relations are actualized and take much of his time and attention. You should realize and accept such state of affairs if you want your marriage be strong.

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A type of blackmail
In relations with a man you mustn’t lay claims to him which only love is able to perform. “If you love me you will never do anything without me; If you love me you will do everything I ask you; If you love me you will give the thing I want…” Such manipulations, if you formulate them more frankly, sound like blackmail.
Myth about sameness
“Family requires total sameness” is a mistaken opinion. It is impossible to find two absolutely identical people, even if there is total coincidence. There always will be many differences between you in taste, dreams and hobbies. It would be really boring if all people became identical.
Re-education plan
Some women before the wedding think: “We will get married and he will change under my influence”, some of them begin to make plans about husband re-education. Every of us heard that it is impossible to re-educate an adult person, but tries to do it all the same. Everyday lectures and moralizes will make everyday life unbearable for both.

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Pros and cons of love
Of course love is beautiful and miraculous. It is the only thing which can give boundless opportunities for receiving absolute satisfaction and real pleasure from each other. Love guarantees us the most powerful feelings, but what? It is unknown. Love is feeling, and feelings are selfish and changeable. Love can’t be measured, there are no precise predictions how it will develop, will it remain or will be over. It can’t be weak or strong, short or eternal, unhappy or happy… But “love” and “family” will always stand close to each other. Only love can’t satisfy all the life’s demands. We need new knowledge, impressions, some development and professional progress. Risk of loss of beloved person leads to agonizing worries onset, arouses negative emotions. Time and mind help to make from a passionate love a calm and wonderful feeling, which brings you less anxieties but more happiness and joy.
So as you see it is not so difficult to save such awesome feeling as Love. You just have to follow such easy points and never try to change your beloved person as you personally like.

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