Wednesday, February 13, 2013


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Happy Valentine's Day Eve! (Valentine's haters, tomorrow's blog post is for you. Another book contest is coming tomorrow, too.) I just did the blog post of kisses back in January, so I'm trying a different approach today: romance novel covers.

This was the last one I read:

...and if you liked The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks, you're probably going to like Far From Perfect.  (If you only saw the movie - and I wouldn't blame you for wanting to look at Zach Efron for two hours - you have no idea what you're missing because the book is awesome.)

I haven't read these. (If you want to see what I've read, check out my Books Worth Reading board.) Taken together, they set a very Valentine's Day-appropriate mood, don't you think? Beautiful models, beautiful dresses (I love books, but 50% of the fun of romance novel covers is the fashion, honestly), two lovers enraptured in each other's arms: what's not to love?!

I would probably read this one. I love the paranormals. (Okay, I'd probably read any of them. I'm such a sucker for romance. I still can't watch the Letters To Juliet trailer without bursting into tears when Lorenzo's horse comes riding around the corner.)

Guys, if you ever hope to be on the cover of a Regency romance, you must not own any shirts. Apparently it was not cold in the past and men, historically, did not wear shirts.

I'm sensing a "wedding" theme here.

No collection of romance novels is complete without at least one kilt. This is another one that I've actually read; this series is both paranormal and Highland.

What's your favorite romance novel?


laurie said...

my favorite romance story is the madness of lord ian mackenzie by jennifer ashley

Erin O'Riordan said...

I see that you've left your e-mail address - did you mean to enter the Evernight Valentine's Snippets contest? If so, please leave your comment on the February 10th post; that way I know you've read all the rules.

Erin O'Riordan said...

I got the sequel to 'Far From Perfect' in the mail today.