Saturday, February 9, 2013

Thank Crunchie It's #Caturday: Grumpy Cat Valentines (Literary Ones, Too)

I'm linking up with Sarah for Thank Crunchie It's Caturday, the weekly gratitude/kitty blog hop. I happen to have some great cat-related Pinterest pins this week. If that's not enough goofy Internet cattery for you, check out the "cats" tag on my Tumblr blog.

In addition to linking up with her, you can support Sarah's creative endeavors by checking out her new inspirational book, Never Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle.

This one cracks me so consistently up.

Hipster Garfield was grumpy before it was cool.

But by now, you must know of my love for Tard, the famous Grumpy Cat.

She's not very excited about Valentine's Day. You can actually order the Grumpy Cat cookies from the Whipped Bakery via Etsy.

Tard seems to have made a new little friend: Sam, the cat with eyebrows and a permanently vexed expression.

I had a cat named Sam when I was a teen. He was tuxedo pattern, but no eyebrows, though.

If you're more into literary Valentines than kitty ones, I suggest you check out Nouvella. Through Wednesday the 13th, the bookish website (a small-press publisher of novellas) encourages one and all to Tweet our best #LiteraryComeOns. I think this one's my best so far:

Also, check out Ben Kling's High School Lit Valentines. How excited would I be to receive a J.D. Salinger Valentine that says "Just take this stupid, phony card?" Very.

This is an affiliate link:

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Sarah Evans said...

Thanks so much for linking up and for shouting out about my EBook! I was so excited to get it completed and ready to go :)

I've pinned your Garfield to my Caturday board - he was the original grumpy cat after all!

Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity