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Sunday, March 25, 2012

SOC Sunday: Is there anything an erotica writer can't write about?

It's Sunday, which means another prompt from AllThingsFadra. This is a 5-minute free-write, so set a timer, publish your free write on your blog and link up there.

Today’s (Optional) Writing Prompt: What are some things you wish you could blog about but can’t?

I write in a variety of genres, but my primary published genre is erotica. Erotica writers - at least when we're hiding behind our keyboards - are not exactly known for being timid with words. Of course I can write about sex - it's the bulk of my reputation on the Internet. I'm well-paid to write humorous and intelligent sex pieces for SexIs magazine, where I've tackled everything from the world's great spring fertility festivals to the alleged relationship between women's genitals and fishy smells. Surely there's nothing I can't write about?

Two things come to mind, though: politics and a certain other type of blogs. You may imagine that a woman who calls her blog Pagan Spirits and has a rather Unitarian view of the world might be rather liberal, but I don't like to step on any toes. I know how to agree to disagree amiably. I'll support human rights causes, but I rarely make a political statement.

Okay, a couple of times I slipped and called Rick Santorum "Boy Palin" on Facebook.

There are a certain type of blogs I just can't relate to and don't particularly care for, unrelated to politics. But I can't say that a risk offending potential readers - you know, the ones who aren't already chased off by the adult content warning and the lingerie ads. Let's just say that if you mostly blog about your desire to organize various closets within your home, we probably won't have a lot in common.


Leah said...

Hi! I'm visiting from SOC Sunday. It's funny how a lot of people are open to talk about sex, but won't touch politics. And then on the other hand, there are those that are all politics, all the time and wouldn't dream of discussing sex in a public forum.

People are weird. :)

Kenya G. Johnson said...

Quietly snickering. ;-) I might just have a post sorta Martha Stewart related on Tuesday. LOL. I know what you mean.

Elyse said...

I think it's pretty impressive how open you are. I agree with Leah. People are weird and need to take off their blinders. :)

Mary J. McCoy-Dressel said...

I'm with you on all this. There are certain things I have to stay away from, politics being number one. My pen name is used for some things I don't like to put out there as myself. I guess I hide behind her sometimes. She writes erotica. It's funny what Leah said, how we can write about sex and not politics! True in my case, too.

Gina said...

I will not discuss or blog about politics or religion. Too touchy! Also, probably anything super personal as well. I'm down for "agree to disagree" always! I enjoyed reading and now I think I must organize my closet then write about how to do it! Just finished "Fifty Shades" trilogy. Very interesting, indeed.

Rachel said...

I'm visiting from SOC and I have to say that I love that you write about sex and not politics. Honestly, sex should be written about more and far more talked about. Politics on the other side... maybe the world would be a better place is erotica writers were the politicians ;)

Lisa Waszkiewicz / Franny Bolsa said...

Personally I would rather read about sex than politics any day so I celebrate you for your writing genre. P.S. My closets are a complete diaster ;)

a.eye said...

I agree that there are certain blogs I can't relate to. Sometimes, I'll come across one that I don't think I will like and there is a post that touches me in some way. But usually, I just move on and don't read the ones that are too fru-fru for me.

Neeroc said...

Hi, nice to meet you, I'm here from SOC. I tend to wear my politics a bit more on my sleeve, it's actually my religion (or lack thereof) and sex that I avoid writing about. One because it brings the nutters out and the other because...well both that my blog is in no way anonymous and my husband is a very private person (or as I call him, a prude *g*).
I agree with previous commenters , we need more sex talk and less politics talk.

Morgan Dragonwillow said...

There use to be a lot I was afraid to talk about on my blog. I don't think there is much I wouldn't talk about now.


all.things.fadra said...

I feel more comfortable talking about politics than I do about sex but I'm probably just as equally uneducated about both.

I worry about stepping on toes but I just stay away from those blogs that are generally style over substance. And for the record, I'm a conservative and have absolutely no interest in a President Santorum. Ever.